Be careful what you wish for…

Here’s a funny story I have to share with you this week… My book is in the process of being edited, and on Monday, my manuscript came back for my first round of edits and rewrites. Scary and exciting at the same time… I wish I had two computers so I wouldn’t have to continuously shift from one file to the other…
Your wish is my command, answered the Universe…
The next day, I had a business appointment in the morning, so I only got a chance to sit down at my computer again at 2pm. I opened my laptop, pressed the power button and…. *GASP*….

Anything but real…

A couple of months ago, I realised that writing was an important part of my life and I made the commitment to include it as a regular activity to keep myself grounded, centered and connected.

I had just finished writing my book, and I thought that was it: I was going to go back to my normal life and everything would be good. Ha! I have that song from Mel C pop up in my head, the one that says “It’s just the beginning, it’s not the end, things will never be the same again.” And boy, things were anything but the same again.

Yes, I do cry…

There’s been a lot of changes in my life recently and I was kind of expecting it. I had already factored it in the equation, and I knew that the day would come when the ugly cry would knock on my door. What I hadn’t foreseen though, is that it would happen in the presence of another human being who was actually not being paid to witness it.

Meet John

Meet John. John is hot. Not that that’s his only feature, but I thought I’d mention it. He’s got this beautiful golden skin and abs that make you want to trace them with your fingers. And his smile.. When he smiles, his whole face lights up and his eyes shine like two diamonds. John is cool […]

New year, new perfume

This year, I have decided to do things differently. Ha! How original, right? I bet you’ve heard that a thousand times already, and chances are you yourself might have thought it just a few days ago! Well, isn’t it what new years are for? An opportunity for change, new beginnings and transformation?
I’ve taken the concept of “Time is money” to a whooole new level (I bet you’ll be A-HA’ed when you read about it!) and of course, I’ve got a new perfume for 2017.

Inspiration doesn’t knock twice

Today I allowed myself a day off.. kind of… I called the office and asked if I could shift my last day to Friday, because today I had important stuff to take care of at home…. (and by that, I meant MYSELF )
I woke up, or should I say, was woken up by inspiration banging on my brain’s door … It was 5 am. […]

Authentically Yours – Interview #6 Kristen Schwartz

Fear and Pain. Two words we don’t want to be anywhere near, and yet… That is exactly how you get to the other side. Watch and find out how Kristen’s own story served as a learning playground for her and got her to finally unite her traditional qualifications and her spiritual experience.

We are all different

In the course of the past years, in conversations with my oldest friends and sister, my life stories have often been met with reactions like “Well, of course, it’s you: you do things differently”, or “I’m not surprised, you’ve always done things differently” … Statements like that always bring up mixed feelings. On […]

Let it out!

– It’s 11:04 am and I’m finally getting out of bed. For […]

Authentically Yours – Interview #3 Monica Geboiu

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend about her issues with her partner. Her sex life was synonimous of lack, rejection, arguments, and lots of not so good things. That reminded me of those years I spent in an almost sexless relationship. In this episode, Monica Geboiu and I share our own personal experiences and how we dealt with it.