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What Clients Say

“She is not only an amazing guide for the technical side of publishing, but she is also an amazing support for the emotional journey that you embark on when you decide that you’re going to put your work out into the world”

Ally Rose, The Divine Pause


When I finally made the decision to write a book, Annick was the first person that I reached out to. After speaking with her, I knew that I didn’t even need to meet with anyone else because I immediately knew that she was the person that I wanted to work with to bring my book to life. It was one of the best business decisions and investments that I have ever made. 

From beginning to end, Annick made sure that I felt supported every step of the way.  I knew that I could communicate my vision to her, and she would take care of communicating with editors, proofreaders and designers to make sure that my vision came to life. This was a really huge weight lifted for me because it meant that I could really focus on my creative process.

From start to finish, from the first discovery call before I even decided that I was going to work with her, she over-delivered. She is not only an amazing guide for the technical side of publishing, but she is also an amazing support for the emotional journey that you embark on when you decide that you’re going to put your work out into the world, and she supported me fully in this process. 

So if you’re thinking of writing a book, I would just encourage you to reach out and book a call, even just a discovery call with Annick because I couldn’t have, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do this process without her and I can guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the support that she provides.

“She just brings so much brilliance around marketing and strategy and launching to the table.”

Stephenie Zamora, Author

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Annick she is amazing. Her team is amazing. She’s absolutely brilliant at what it is that she does, and I’ve used her for two book launches, and we’ll certainly be using her for every book launch going forward.

I have recommended her to all of my clients because she is just again, absolutely brilliant at what it is that she does, she helped us with the unravel launch and the second awesome life tips book launch. And between the two, we were able to get #1 new release in six categories, and get the book out to more people.

She really just made the process so much more manageable and understandable. It’s very overwhelming to not only write and birth a book, but to think about how to put it out into the world in the way that will get it in front of the most people and the people who need it. And, Annick is incredible at all things books, and book launch. And I am just so grateful to have met her to have her on my launch team and to also be able to call her a friend.

She’s an incredible human! She is just a genius in her own right, in her own work and has so much to give in the process. She is very honest and transparent about what she thinks and how she feels which I really value because you want someone on your team that’s going to be honest and not just say “Yes, ma’am. That’s fine. Let’s do that whatever you want.”

She really pauses and asks hard questions and gives really good, valuable feedback, both positive and constructive. And I just I really tremendously value everything she brings to the table and how amazing she is at getting you to rank on Amazon; which is what we’re all looking for as authors so that we can then use that to further promote our book.

As well as you know putting together a launch team and what that process looks like and how do you incentivise people actually purchasing the book and the right window. She just brings so much brilliance around marketing and strategy and launching to the table.

You cannot go wrong hiring her I cannot recommend her enough. And I know that you will have as incredible of an experience as I did. Annick and her team are fantastic. Hire her and hire her right now!

“Annick will skyrocket you to 2x the success in record time”

Eleonora C. Bastos, Author

I hired Annick because I didn’t know sh*t about how to market my book. She helped me to get to #1 bestseller/Hot New Releases in three international markets. I stayed there for 2 days and wow, I can tell you, being #1 bestseller feels awesome!

I didn’t even give my book away for free. I followed Annick’s roadmap, and we got there authentically and organically. No ads or paid marketing of any kind.

Annick went over and beyond – she stayed by my side the whole way. The support wasn’t capped, she was there for me when and where I needed it, especially on my launch day, she was virtually by my side the whole time. 

It was scary at first cos I’d never worked with her before, but oh my goodness – if you want results, you HAVE to work with Annick. She’s invested in her clients, she really cares, and it shows. 

And speaking of results? I can now charge more for my time, and have had exposure opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without my #1 Bestselling book. I was on TV in the US, radio shows in the UK. Now when I offer a ½ day seminar – I can charge DOUBLE for my time. 

That’s what Annick does for your career. She will skyrocket you to 2x the success in record time.

“I reached #1 Bestseller in 6 hours”

Cecilia Graf, Author

I hired Annick to help me out with the launch of my second book. Before the launch, we had two intensive strategy sessions to plan out an action plan. She was there to help me out every time I had questions in between calls – I could ask about everything, she was always very quick to reply, and when needed, even took time to jump on a Zoom Call.

On my launch day, she was virtually by my side, holding my hand and giving me tips about what else I could do to get the Amazon Bestseller tag!

I reached #1 Bestseller within 6 hours, outdoing authors such as Anthony Williams, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes!

My book has now been on the market for 9 months. Even now, I run very little Facebook ads, just to sell some more books.

If you want to reach #1 Bestseller, book her! I really recommend her!

Masterful, divine, beautiful.

Annick’s book coaching session was so powerful for me. She did soooooo much and she is so delightful to work with! It was way beyond just talking about writing a book.

During the coaching, she listened carefully, distilled my thoughts into concise & potent tag lines that easily explain my core message. She led me through fun exercises that helped me clarify layers of purpose for my book and my message, which was amazing.

We also discussed how a book fits in the ecosystem of products and services in my business. She showed her genius when discussing how just being in the process of writing a book, before it’s finished, can build credibility and positively expand my platform. She even shared genius tips on how to collect content for the book.

In the end, I knew exactly what to do and how to fit the book into the growth and credibility of my business. I highly recommend working with Annick Ina on your next book!

Rock it like Jessica!


For all of you beauties out there with a book in your brain, just so that you know, I hired Annick as my Book Doula and she worked her magic and still is!

With her help, guidance, and accountability, I completed my first draft in 3 months alongside my other responsibilities: clients, own programs/marketing, home repairs/renovations, family and 2 close family deaths including 2 international flights… I’m not as quick as she was, but I feel I am where I need to be and that’s all that counts!

I’m now in the 2nd editing phase. I’ve received my developmental edit and I have a lot more work ahead of me, but it was Annick’s mail this morning that inspired me to continue! I felt so shitty, I really did and I was going to put it down for a few weeks/months, but she’s right, my book needs to be read, I have to get through this! I have to improve my manuscript and I’ll be damned if I don’t! I never give up, so why start now, right?

She reminds me all the time that my book needs to be read and that it will inspire children – and maybe even a few adults – along the way… That’s my goal and I hope to reach it someday! Even if I just inspire one child, my work is done!

So, if you know you were meant to write a book, then just do it! Schedule the time and join other aspiring authors on this journey. You got this! Enjoy the process, it sure is amazing!

Who do you want to write for?


When I set out to write my book, my biggest challenge was clearly defining my audience…

I’d been going in circles about this for months. I had one idea that I’d been working on, but was beginning to doubt it, or at least not know how to go forward. It was horribly frustrating and got the whole thing at a stand-still.

I just couldn’t figure out what to do, but I didn’t know who to talk to about it. (And it was much easier to procrastinate on the project than to do the hard work of pushing through this block.)

And then, Annick happened!

I love how she validated not only my book idea but my thoughts on my audience. And then she took it to a whole new level!

I was surprised at how much she pushed me, and I loved it. She played Devil’s Advocate and forced me to answer tough questions on the spot,which helped me get laser-clarity immediately. This is to say nothing of the amazing gift of knowing my truly audience, for the first time! This is GOLD.

Not only did I finally decide on my reader, Annick showed me who my reader is in this whole other beautiful dimension I had never thought of before. It feels like everything just clicked at that point.

I finally got the big cosmic “Go” sign from the Universe! And now it feels like I can flow forward in the most delightful way — which is a huge change from how heavy my writing process had become. Now there’s a lightness and joy that hasn’t been there before. I’m thrilled!

With a punch!

Amanda –