Yes, it is time...

You know you have a book inside of you, I don’t need to convince you. It’s been there waiting for “the right time” and it looks like that time has come!

Why write a book?


Your past experiences made you who you are today, but you don’t have to keep carrying them with you every day. What if you could store them in a safe place, freeing up space for new experiences to take place?


Writing a memoir can be a highly therapeutic and healing experience. Giving your story its own home in the shape of a book is the perfect way to honour it, honouring your past and opening up to the future as a transformed version of you.


When I decided to write my book, I knew I had to do it as part of my own healing. I knew I would keep tripping on the same patterns over and over again until I’d take a look at my past and make peace with it. What happened afterwards was way beyond my expectations, though.


Emerging on the other end of the writing experience as an author not only transformed me, but it transformed my relationships, my business, and my life in general. It was as if a veil had been lifted, and a new, upgraded, version of me had been revealed.


You’ll see, becoming a published author, gaining credibility and also visibility as you promote your book, will unleash a whole new level of magic to happen!


People will see you with a different eye (and so will you!), not only because of what’s inside your book, but also because they know that, if being an entrepreneur requires courage, writing a book requires even more bravery. It will make you stand out and shine a spotlight over your head – and make you realise how powerful you truly are.


Dreaming is great. Taking steps towards turning dreams into reality is even better.  Writing a book might feel scary – in fact, that’s the reason why people keep making excuses not to do it – but what’s on the other side of that fear is FRICKIN. WORTH. IT.


Think about all the lives you are going to touch – cos yes, you will! And, as one of my former teachers once said, when you’ve got a message to share, it’s not a choice, but a duty and a responsibility to share it, for all those who need it to hear it from YOU and no one else.

My Mission

My mission is to hold your hand and walk with you through the healing process that comes with the writing, facilitating your transformation, while making sure that you’ve got all the tools and information needed to make the writing process as easeful as possible, free from doubt, anxiety, and stuck-ness!

More than just a writing coach, I will be your Book Doula, helping you birth your book, but most importantly, helping you birth your new YOU.



My 1:1 Book Coaching programme has seen dozens of humans write their books (and experience remarkably powerful changes in their lives and business). It is a combination of various skills that relate to the writing process, the writing itself (as in the words you’ve produced), mindset and strategy coaching to give you 360° support.


What you’ll get:

Strategy & Clarity on the best book idea for you, who your ideal reader is, and how to craft your message so as to create the most effective reader’s journey for your audience

Informed feedback & guidance so you don’t end up with a meaningless pile of words that makes your reader roll their eyes. We’ll work on your writing to make sure it is engaging and will draw your reader in. No more being afraid that your writing is crap – if it is, I’ll tell you and we’ll work on it!

Reassurance & peace of mind: This may be your first rodeo, but not mine. I know all the steps ahead, so you don’t have to worry about them. No more spending hours of your precious time on Google search, YouTube tutorials, endless blog posts (hello overwhelm!). You will have a roadmap of your next moves, feeling supported, grounded and confident, and more time to focus on what you do best, ie. YOUR story and YOUR expertise.

Accountability to make sure that you stick to your writing goals no matter what your schedule looks like, and keep moving forward throughout the process 

Compassionate human support as you explore and process the feelings and emotions that come up along the way: writer’s block, self-doubt, grief, questions, expansion and/or change. It may not be easy at first, but you’re not alone. Together we’ll help you step into your author shoes and share your story the way it deserves to be told (Bonus: I’m the best cheerleader you could get)


What that will look like:

– We’ll work on defining the foundation and outline of your book

– We will get clear on who you’re writing for, and I will help you craft the perfect book for your audience

– I will read your chapters and keep an eye on the development of your story, giving you feedback, tips and comments to make your writing richer and deeper, and your message clearer.

– I will be there to walk you through anything that comes up as you write, and will hold space to facilitate your healing and up-levelling, using a wide array of tools and techniques from my own “bag of tricks”.

– I will be there, right by your side, to reassure you, cheer on you and support you as you embrace your new life as an author and a life-transformer.



This offer also includes: 


The Write and Change Lives online course to lay the foundations 

Feedback on your draft up to 2500 words/week 

1 x 75-min or 2 x 60-min 1:1 sessions each month to check in on your progress and untangle any knots

Access to the Write and Change Lives Bonus Videos:

Questions you should ask yourself before you write your book (with Editor Kris Emery)

 How much of your story to share in your first draft (with literary agent Anjanette Fennell)

Self-publishing vs Traditional publishing (with bestselling author Annie Grace)

How to promote your book when you haven’t finished it yet (with storytelling & marketing coach Shannon Whaley)

How to crowdfund your book (with award-finalist author Rachel Zinman)


Prices start at $675/month

“I had no idea how much I needed Annick until after I met her…when I contacted her it was because I got to a place in my book where I knew that it was pretty good, but it could be amazing, and I didn’t know how to bridge the gap between pretty good and amazing. Annick Ina helped me do that.
Her support and encouragement during that process were magical, so much so that after I asked her for help with the developmental process, I hired her again to help me with my launch. And there’s no one else I’d rather work with.”
Caitlin Donovan, The Bouncebackability Factor

Feeling ready?

Let’s have a chat and dig a little to see if now is the right time for us to work together. Choose a date and time below and let’s talk!


Ally Rose’s Story

“She is not only an amazing guide for the technical side of publishing, but she is also an amazing support for the emotional journey that you embark on when you decide that you’re going to put your work out into the world”

Ally Rose, The Divine Pause


When I finally made the decision to write a book, Annick was the first person that I reached out to. After speaking with her, I knew that I didn’t even need to meet with anyone else because I immediately knew that she was the person that I wanted to work with to bring my book to life. It was one of the best business decisions and investments that I have ever made. 


From beginning to end, Annick made sure that I felt supported every step of the way.  I knew that I could communicate my vision to her, and she would take care of communicating with editors, proofreaders and designers to make sure that my vision came to life. This was a really huge weight lifted for me because it meant that I could really focus on my creative process.


From start to finish, from the first discovery call before I even decided that I was going to work with her, she over-delivered. She is not only an amazing guide for the technical side of publishing, but she is also an amazing support for the emotional journey that you embark on when you decide that you’re going to put your work out into the world, and she supported me fully in this process. 


So if you’re thinking of writing a book, I would just encourage you to reach out and book a call, even just a discovery call with Annick because I couldn’t have, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do this process without her and I can guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the support that she provides.

I felt like we clicked right away. – Melanie’s story

I can’t express enough to you how cool it is to have your book shipped to you – it’s the most amazing feeling.

“For me, the biggest benefit of working with Annick was really having somebody in my court cheering me on because I needed so much encouragement to keep going. It was really easy. Like the first thing I wanted to not do was write this book because I didn’t have time to write it. And so, working with a book coach can really help you get to that next level and finish the thing you’ve been meaning to finish. 

I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to work with her. She’s a gift in the writing world and everybody that says they’re trying to write a book and need some assistance, I’m always the first one to throw out Annick’s name because she has been an amazing guide and help to me.”