Publishing Your Book

Self-publishing Package

Time to turn your draft into a book (yes, a BOOK!!!) that you can hold in your hands, and most importantly, that people can buy and start reading! This includes:


Interior book design & Formatting (up to 5 graphics and up to 50,000 words)

Choosing fonts, chapter headings, text and line spacing, etc. We’ll help you make decisions you’ve probably never even thought about, like whether you want your chapters to start on odd or even pages… In other words, this is the part where we make your book appealing and set the tone for the reader, visually speaking!



Aligning the spaces, the paragraphs, looking for hyphenated words, “widows and orphans”, and things like that.


Publishing on eBook & Paperback on KDP (Amazon) 

We’ll turn your manuscript into a book that you can hold in your hands. We’ll take care of defining all the little details like the trim size, the page colour, matt or glossy cover, and stuff like that.


Category optimisation aka the secret ingredient that makes all the difference

When you upload your book, Amazon only allows you to choose from generic (saturated) categories, resulting in your book being #645,867 in said categories.

We do the research using specific industry software to place your book in the best categories – those not listed in the standard uploading procedure – to make it easier for you to rank among the top bestselling titles or top new releases. You’ll also know how many sales you need to make it to #1 so you can plan your marketing campaign around that…

Note: Category optimisation is available as a standalone service for returning clients only for $650.


Prices start at $1350. Check out our indicative price list and click on the button below to schedule a call and get a quote.