Welcome, Superstar!


You are here to do great things. Your story, your lessons, your expertise, that’s your zone of genius. That’s what you do best, and that’s what you should be focusing on.


Why spend hours of your (limited) precious time on Google search, YouTube tutorials, endless blog posts (hello overwhelm!) when you could be gliding through your next moves feeling supported, grounded and confident, like the real superstar that you are?


Imagine having a roadmap… Someone (with a whole team!) to guide you to your big goal #badass style.


You won’t just have a heap of words on a word document. You’ll have a piece of YOU, expertly crafted into a piece of work that will be the key to your readers’ heart, and will have them asking for more of you: books, videos, articles, programmes, they’ll want YOU.


Writing a successful book requires more than just writing skills, and we’ve got just what you need, babe.


If you let me, I’ll be honoured to guide you on this beautiful journey of yours.


Annick Ina

Hi, my name is Annick and I’m here to help you write a book that will change lives, starting with yours.


Yep. That’s what I do.


As a child and teenager, every single school term, my teachers would always comment in my report book that I was “lively, but too talkative”. Pfff. They just didn’t get it, did they?


I’m a Gemini! Sign of creativity, self-expression and communication!


So of course, it comes as no surprise that I went on and graduated in Communication.


However, by the time I finished university, my undeniable passion for languages led me into a career as a language trainer for professionals.


That was great, but… it didn’t take long before my desire for creativity and adventure took over! Bien sûr!


In the decade and a half that followed, I moved countries four times, owned and ran multiple high-end retail shops started from scratch, started my own business as a life and business coach, and finally decided to unite all my skills under my Book Doula business, supporting authors and aspiring authors through all the different stages of the book process, all sprinkled with mindset coaching and business strategy.


Seriously, why would you want to do all of that by yourself?


I’m here to be your guide, your (transformational) writing coach, your business consultant, your project manager, your confidante, your visionary friend and your magic maker.


I see what you don’t see. And I help you make it happen.


I see you and your potential, and I’m here to help you make the most of who YOU ARE.


Cos that’s what I’m all about. #beyoudoyou


Do you dream of holding your published book in your hands?


It all starts with a YES.


Dare to challenge your status quo today. Take that first step NOW.