Be careful what you wish for…

…cos you might get it!

Here’s a funny story I have to share with you this week… As you know by now, my book is in the process of being edited, and on Monday, my manuscript came back for my first round of edits and rewrites. Scary and exciting at the same time… I sat down and started working on it, checking the file with my editor’s comments, and editing a “clean” version at the same time. Kind of a tedious activity when done from a 13 inch laptop, and all the time I was working on it, I thought: I wish I had two computers so I wouldn’t have to continuously shift from one file to the other…

Your wish is my command, answered the Universe…

The next day, I had a business appointment in the morning, so I only got a chance to sit down at my computer again at 2pm. I opened my laptop, pressed the power button and…. *GASP*…. What the heck is this???? My computer screen was all black, for the exception of these few lines:

Please install an operating system on your hard disk
hard disk- ( 3f0 )
f2 system diagnostics
for more information, please visit: startup


You know that feeling, where you feel like your blood’s gone cold, your heart’s beating fast and you wish you could wake up from this nightmare? That’s exactly how I felt.


1. I have a deadline to meet, I’m supposed to be done with my side of the editing by April 3rd and therefore, absolutely need my computer;

2. The file containing the six hours of work from the day before hadn’t been saved on the cloud, and so far it looked like I had lost it;

3. I bought my computer in Germany, and last time I checked, they said the computer had to be taken to their shop only should it have any issues;

4. I had two sessions in the afternoon and had no computer to do them (let alone the mental state!!!!).

What the heck, Universe?!!!! I feel like I’m being bullied lately!

So, long story short, I called my former boss and told her what happened. She managed to get me an appointment with one of the guys from the IT department, but he said he couldn’t do anything without compromising the warranty on my laptop. I decided to try my luck and called the computer shop in Italy and asked if they could take care of the computer (without me having to fly to Germany), and they said yes. My former boss (what an angel) told me that in the meantime I could use a free room at her language school and use her computer there, and take the little laptop home with me. So here’s what’s happening today:

I’m working from a bright office, with two lovely young ladies working in the next room, and….. TWO computers to work on my book!!!!

F*ck…. Did I make this happen? I did strongly wish for two computers, and.. I’ve been secretly wishing I could come use this office since I moved back here. WOW. You know what they say, “Be careful what you wish for, cos you might get it”!!! Erm… yep…

And as I’ve mentioned quite a few times already, I’ve been working on my favourite money mindset mentor Denise Duffield Thomas’s Manifesting course over the past weeks and I’ve been absolutely loving it! I mean, it’s not difficult, Denise herself is pretty cool and fun, but practical at the same time, no bla bla, she just tells it like it is, and the results are immediate! Crazy but true.

(Of course, I’ve got to work on fine tuning my manifesting powers, but at least I’ve had evidence that they do exist!!!)

Denise is going to launch a brand new FREE 5-DAY MANIFESTING CHALLENGE next week, and obviously, I’m gonna be part of it!!!

During those 5 days Denise will share how she has manifested:

– 6 months all expenses paid travel

– Her dream house by the beach

– Multiple competition and award wins

– A life-changing million dollar business

– A family life based on freedom, adventure and abundance

Pretty cool, huh?!

Denise’s mission is to empower women manifest the life, business and abundance you dream of, so she created this free 5 day challenge to share her secrets.

I am SO looking forward to do this with you ( thousands of other female entrepreneurs)!! Denise will take us through her super practical formula that breaks the Law of Attraction down into actionable steps so it’s virtually foolproof.

The first video is all about step 1 of the manifesting formula. In this video you’ll discover how to clear the obstacles (physical and mental) that are stopping you from making your dreams reality.

Here’s the link to join and watch now: FREE 5-DAY MANIFESTING CHALLENGE

See you there!!!!!

P.S. The first step is super important and trips up a lot of women trying to create change in their lives, you can watch the first video here.

P.P.S. I am a proud affiliate, but honestly, even if I weren’t I’d still be sharing this with you because she’s just amazing, and what I love about her is that she’s tested her own process and shares all of it! In one of her books, she even shares how she used to make less than $500 a month. Yes, a MONTH!!! Hard to believe since she’s almost a millionaire now!! So let’s learn and all become millionaires together!! It will be so much fun!!!!