Writing a Book: Step by Step

Before we discuss how we can work together, it’s important to know what the different steps of the process are.  I’ll give you a quick overview of how it usually works (or at least how I work with my clients). 


My dedicated team of experts is here to support you through all the stages of the book process, from ideation to publication, and even beyond! We build the whole experience around you: Focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.  

Step one: The Ideation Process

It often starts with you having this niggling feeling that you need to write a book. Friends, clients, family, everyone keeps telling you you need to write a book and you agree, but you don’t know where to begin…


This is where you sit down and decide what you want to write about, who for, and what you want them to get from reading your book. 


In other words, what your book is about, who your ideal reader is, and what your message is. 


This is a crucial phase of the process. Just like you probably did with your business, this is the part where we get clear on the what, why, and how. 


Of course, just like your business, it is not set in stone, and will most probably evolve as you go through the next phase, but it is essential that you start with ideas as clear as possible. 


The clearer your ideas, the easier it’ll be to draft your outline. And the clearer your outline, the easier it’ll be for you to write. And we want the process to unfold with Ease and Grace, so yes, please! 

Step two: Writing 

Once you’re clear on what you want to write, you need to figure out how that’s going to happen. There isn’t one one-size-fits-all way to write and I recommend you explore and find your way. 


The sooner that happens, the quicker you’ll get your draft completed. 


I’ve written a 45K word manuscript in 14 days. I’ve seen clients write the same amount of words in 6 weeks, writing for two full days a week, or one to two hours everyday for three months.


I say, whatever works. #BeYouDoYou


The only thing I’ll tell you is that time goes by and as you are writing your book, you will evolve, whether it is because of it, or simply because life happens and we’re constantly changing and evolving. 


This can pose a problem when it comes to your writing process, because who you were and what you thought at the beginning of your writing process, and who you are six or twelve months later may not be the same, which can result in more work from you to realign everything. 

Step three: Editing

Once you’ve got a completed draft, our editing team will take care of it.


You’ll get a first round of editing to make sure that your book flows seamlessly, and that your message is delivered in a cohesive and coherent way.


Once that’s done, the second round is about polishing your words, with extra special care to leave your style and your voice intact.


Add one round of proofreading to make sure your commas and full stops are in the right place, and your edited draft will sound exactly like you, but better!

Step four: Production aka (self-)publishing

Once your manuscript is edited, that word file also known as your manuscript is now ready to be turned into a book that you can hold in your hands! 


This is the part of the process where writing has little to nothing to do. It’s mostly tech and creative work. 


In order for your book to become a book, you’re going to need the sandwich parts (copyright page, dedication, acknowledgements, about the author, bonuses, etc) that go inside the book, as well as a gorgeous front cover that makes you proud, and a back cover with your book blurb, and eventually your author bio.


Add to this all the technical stuff like your trim size, the colour of the pages, whether you want your chapters to start on odd or even pages, fonts and chapter headings and all sorts of questions you never thought you’d have to think about. Don’t worry, that’s where you can hire this part out and save yourself a freakout!

Step 5: Launching

Now don’t be over-enthusiastic and just throw it out into the world without any pre-launch work. With all the time and effort (and money!) that you’ve invested so far, it’d be a shame to throw that to the dogs. 


Put all the chances on your side, get the visibility your book deserves, the best ranking and all the reviews you can get to launch with a bang, position yourself as an expert, and set the foundation for on-going sales. 


And for that you’re going to need a marketing strategy tailored to your business, based on your product, your audience and how you show up best. Remember, aim for Ease and Grace. 


Launches are demanding, I won’t lie, but they’re worth it. And so are you, and your book. 

Our Full Service Book Doula Package

With our Full Service Book Doula Package, you get all the above services over a period of twelve months to support you through all the stages of your book journey. We will set a timeline with the various deadlines to be met, and we’ll be right by your side to help you get there.

Prices start at $1350/month for twelve months.

Feeling ready? Let’s talk!