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Who said writing a book had to be hard and painstaking?

With our Concierge Book Doula Services, you can focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.

You are here to do great things. Your story, your lessons, your expertise, that’s your zone of genius. I’m here to help you turn that into a book.

My name is Annick and I’m here to help you write a book that will change lives, starting with yours.

My name is Annick and I’m here to help you write a book that will change lives, starting with yours.

Let me tell you something you probably don’t know… Becoming an author will change you in ways you couldn’t imagine. It will transform you,  your business, your relationships, and your life in general in a thousand unexpected ways.

As a human being, sharing your story will be a highly therapeutic and healing experience. It is the perfect way to honour your past, take stock and acknowledge FOR REAL how far you’ve come, and emerge as the true upgraded version of you that you are meant to be.

As an entrepreneur, you will gain credibility, visibility, and CONNECTION. Your book won’t be just a heap of words. It will be a piece of YOU, expertly crafted into the key to your readers’ heart.

They’ll see you, they’ll love you, and soon they’ll be asking for more: books, videos, articles, programmes, anything! They’ll want YOU.

My mission is to hold your hand and walk with you through the whole process, making sure that you’ve got all the tools and information needed to make it as easeful as possible, free from doubt, anxiety, and stuck-ness!

More than just a writing coach, I will be your Book Doula, helping you with a combination of skills to give you 360° support.

In other words, you’ll get:

  • Strategy & Clarity on the best book idea for you, who your ideal reader is, and how to craft your message so as to create the most effective reader’s journey for your audience
  • Informed feedback & guidance so you don’t end up with a meaningless pile of words that makes your reader roll their eyes. We’ll work on your  writing to ensure it is engaging and will draw your reader in. No more being afraid that your writing is crap – if it is, I’ll tell you and we’ll work on it!
  • Accountability to make sure you stick to your writing goals no matter what your schedule is, and keep moving forward throughout the process
  • Reassurance & peace of mind: This may be your first rodeo, but not mine. I know all the steps ahead, so you don’t have to worry about them. No more spending hours of your precious time on Google search, YouTube tutorials, endless blog posts (hello overwhelm!). You will have a roadmap of your next moves, feeling supported, grounded and confident.
  • Mindset work that will give you the confidence you need to step into your author shoes and share your story the way it deserves to be told (Bonus: I’m the best cheerleader you could get)

What do you say? Wanna look at what that could look like for you?

Let’s have a chat and see if now is the right time for us to work together.

Feeling unsure? Watch this…

Melanie Moberg

Author, Warriors in Recovery

For me, the biggest benefit of working with Annick was really having somebody in my court cheering me on because I needed so much encouragement to keep going. …I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to work with her. She’s a gift in the writing world and everybody that says they’re trying to write a book and need some assistance, I’m always the first one to throw out Annick’s name because she has been an amazing guide and help to me.

Ally Rose

Author, The Divine Pause

What I really loved was that I only needed to speak to Annick and from there she made sure that my vision came to life… This was a huge weight lifted because it meant that I could really focus on my creative process… She is not only an amazing guide for the technical side of publishing,  she is an amazing support for the emotional journey that you embark on when you decide that you’re going to put your work out into the world.

Caitlin Donovan

Author, The Bouncebackability Factor

Her support and encouragement during that process were magical, so much so that after I asked her for help with the developmental process, I hired her again to help me with my launch. And there’s no one else I’d rather work with.

If you know that you have a book inside of you, you know you have a story to tell… or if you just need to get started and you need somebody that’s going to be with you for the whole ride, Annick is your girl.

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