Launch Support Options

We will have 3 x 75-min sessions over the course of six weeks to discuss and define the timeline/roadmap for your launch – we will look at putting together your launch team (who they are, what they need to do, and most importantly WHEN).


We’ll discuss the tech/logistics of Amazon preorder & pricing, what price to pick and when, and we’ll also look at the release dates for the kindle version and paperback, and draw a timeline for that, as part of your marketing strategy.


We’ll discuss an eventual secret launch, soft launch, official launch, big launch and what each consists in, and potential dates – we’ll make sure that you’re clear on the concepts so that you can make the best decision.


We’ll also talk about the specific timeline for the launch DAY itself, as this is the most important one – sales are updated hourly on Amazon so if you miss that, you have to start all over again. 


You’ll get Voxer support in between calls to answer any additional questions that may come up and ensure that you get as much clarity as possible as to what you’re doing!


We can also discuss other book-specific marketing options or steps that you can implement regularly after your launch to keep sales going, but first things first: we’ll focus first on the pre-launch and launch. If you need more support, you’ll then have the option to book additional calls at a special rate, for the following three months.

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