Shampooing in the Rain…


I was having a shower today, when there was a power cut (and therefore a cut in the water supply as well), right as my hair was full of shampoo foam.

These power cuts can last up to an hour or so.

I wasn’t gonna let shampoo sit on my hair that long. It was raining outside, so I put on my bikini and went right where the water slides down the roof like a micro waterfall.

In two minutes, my hair was rinsed.

Things won’t always go smoothly as you’ve planned. That’s when resilience, creativity, and determination to find alternative ways to get things done come into play.

An open mind and flexibility will take you a long way. Always.

Plus, what makes for a better story than (literally) shampooing in the rain? 😉

If you have a great story… like, say, showering in the rain on a sunny day, that you just *KNOW* would make a great book — then look no further.

Sometimes you need guidance from an experienced soul who can take your rad and wonderful life experience, and help you SPIN IT into a story that changes lives.

Just call me your BOOK DOULA.

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