I CAN Speak

I have a yearning inside of me. A powerful yearning to shout to the world what I have inside of me.

A visceral need to vomit those poisons that keep burning my insides.


I CAN speak.


But in my mind I have so many reasons not to:


“This is my own healing, it is for me to work on in private. I will come off as a lunatic hurt and angry woman if I speak.”


What is mind-boggling though is that the very reason that makes me so angry is that I HAVE been trying to keep this to myself for years, I HAVE been trying to heal in private for years, and I HAVE kept dirty secrets to myself.


“I can’t risk looking like I haven’t got my shit together.”


But how can I keep my sh** together when I’m realising that the women who I grew up around have been adorning their face with a hand over their mouth for generations like it was a part of their body?


Like they couldn’t exist without it.


Like the order of things was more important than their truth.


How can I keep my shit together when in the face of wrongdoings to their youngest, they have chosen to blame and condemn the victims and justify the wrongdoers?


I am NOT angry. I am OUTRAGED.


I will not look away and wear my fucking hand over my mouth like everyone else.


I REFUSE to carry on such a revolting tradition, an offence to womankind and, truth be said, to humankind in general.




Be brave. Be courageous. Rip those dirty hands off your mouth.


It is NEVER too late.


Set the example. Speak your truth.


Speak FOR Truth. And listen for it.

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Writing a BOOK. If there’s a story inside of you, but you’re scared to fully realize it…sometimes  all you need is a little guidance from an experienced soul who can take you through the process.

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