Meet John

Meet John. John is hot. Not that that’s his only feature, but I thought I’d mention it. He’s got this beautiful golden skin and abs that make you want to trace them with your fingers. And his smile.. When he smiles, his whole face lights up and his eyes shine like two diamonds. John is cool […]

New year, new perfume

This year, I have decided to do things differently. Ha! How original, right? I bet you’ve heard that a thousand times already, and chances are you yourself might have thought it just a few days ago! Well, isn’t it what new years are for? An opportunity for change, new beginnings and transformation?
I’ve taken the concept of “Time is money” to a whooole new level (I bet you’ll be A-HA’ed when you read about it!) and of course, I’ve got a new perfume for 2017.