The No-Excuse 3-Hour Book Writing Live Workshop

The No-Excuse 3-Hour Book Writing Live Workshop

I wrote a book in 14 days. Yes, you read that right. Fourteen days. I started writing my first words on Dec 20th last year, and finished my draft on Jan 3rd!

Sure, that made me feel like a frickin superhero… but it also got me terrified that I hadn’t spent “enough” time writing my book. I mean, if it was that easy, everyone would be writing books – I must have missed something!

All the way through the publishing process, I had to keep reassuring that little voice that like a nervous teenager kept asking: “But what if they read it and think it’s just a useless heap of words?”.

And when I sent out my first advance reader copies, that voice got louder and louder… What if people read my story and thought: “Yeah, so what..?”.

I remember talking to a friend and telling her about those fears. My publishing date was approaching and sitting there waiting was making me nervous. I guess the Universe heard me, and when our conversation ended, I found this message in my inbox: “Annick, reading your book is bringing up old wounds. I DID need it. Definitely Divine intervention to have you ask me to review it. I had to stop for a little bit to process through this. Looking forward to picking it back up.”

And I shed a tear of relief… and joy… and this indescribable feeling that filled my whole body at the thought that I had finally put my story to good use and soon people would be reading it and would be inspired to go on their own self-exploration journey.

A few days later, more reviews started coming:

“Annick writes with honesty and an open heart to help others connect and move forward in their healing process. She is truly vulnerable and real as she walks you through the crevices of her life. She has completely inspired me to act more quickly on my own dreams and desires.”

“Annick’s honesty and courageous truth-telling is an inspiring breath of fresh air. It’s this kind of true self-love and devotion to bringing the light that is the catalyst that can ignite the spark within all of us. So whether far along on your spiritual journey or just starting out and looking for a path, Annick Ina’s Soul Superstar is sure to provide you the comfort, solace, and direction you need to propel you forward into love, light, truth, and absolute healing.”

“Annick tells her story with humour, vulnerability and depth that deeply resonated with my soul. There are so many lessons and insights that made me stop and reflect on my own life.”

That sense of fulfilment is one of the best feelings ever. I had finally made it. I was living my purpose, putting my story at the service of others, sharing my healing process openly, chapter by chapter would allow people to start theirs.

Sharing what I know ignites my soul. Teaching, regardless of whether it is languages, book writing, business strategies or personal growth processes, fills me with joy.

That’s why I’ve decided to host a 3-hour NO EXCUSE BOOK WRITING WORKSHOP. And you know why you should join?

✨ I will teach you the exact same method I used to write my book in 14 days.

✨ We will work together, and at the end of the workshop, you will have transformed your idea into a book outline and a plan that could get you to FINISH YOUR DRAFT BY MARCH 31, 2018 or whenever you decide you want your date to be!!

Seriously.. Close your eyes for a second..

How does holding your FINISHED draft in your hands by the end of the first quarter 2018 feel like?

It IS possible, and I’m going to show you how.

IF you have been wanting to write a book for forever BUT:

😱 You don’t know where to start

😱 Or even how?

😱 You feel like you don’t have enough to fill a whole book

😱 You don’t know anything about book writing and it just feels like a whole big project that takes ages and a ginormous amount of time and dedication (and you’re not sure you want to get into that!)

Come join me on Jan 10, 11am Eastern time/ 8am Pacific time, for a three-hour workshop that will give you all the steps you need to get your manuscript started – and finished!

Don’t let your fear-based BELIEFS stop you. They’re not real, you know?

Last month I spoke with a client who wanted help with writing her book. When I asked her about her book outline, she listed four chapters and told me “That’s all I have, I not sure that’s enough to write a book.”

I smiled and put my Book Doula hat on. By the end of our ONE-HOUR call, she had a whole book outline and we had to schedule another call to finish going through all the chapters on the list which just kept expanding. This could be you!

Didn’t make it to the workshop? No problem!

Buy before 28 Jan 2018 and get this SUPER DEAL PACKAGE: 4 hours of audio + video + worksheets, including the 3-hour workshop recording AND a 1:1 session with me to discuss your outline for only $ 97.

Just so you know…

This is what people say:

“SO excited for how many others you will inspire, Annick!

For all of you beauties out there with a book in your brain, just so that you know, I hired Annick as my Book Doula and she worked her magic and still is!

With her help, guidance, and accountability, I completed my first draft in 3 months alongside my other responsibilities: clients, own programs/marketing, home repairs/renovations, family and 2 close family deaths including 2 international flights… I’m not as quick as she was, but I feel I am where I need to be and that’s all that counts!

I’m now in the 2nd editing phase. I’ve received my developmental edit and I have a lot more work ahead of me, but it was Annick’s mail this morning that inspired me to continue! I felt so shitty, I really did and I was going to put it down for a few weeks/months, but she’s right, my book needs to be read, I have to get through this! I have to improve my manuscript and I’ll be damned if I don’t! I never give up, so why start now, right?She reminds me all the time that my book needs to be read and that it will inspire children – and maybe even a few adults – along the way… That’s my goal and I hope to reach it someday! Even if I just inspire one child, my work is done!

So, if you know you were meant to write a book, then just do it! Schedule the time and join other aspiring authors on this journey. You got this! Enjoy the process, it sure is amazing!” Jess Lohmann, Content Marketing Strategist, and Author.


“I approached Annick to help me with my book. I had been trying to write it on my own, but I was facing some challenges. I was unsure of the outline and didn’t know whether I ‘d have enough content to fill a whole book.

I felt sad, inadequate, and lacking that thing that would make my book see the light. And what’s even worse is that I’d lost my motivation and was not looking forward to writing it!

During my first session with Annick, she asked me a few questions and confirmed that I was on the right track. We immediately got to work and within minutes, she showed me how I could flesh out one part and suggested topics I hadn’t thought about.

Picking up my book idea again brought up fears and worries, which Annick knew just how to dissipate. She listened to me and gave me a realistic pep talk, leaving me empowered, knowing what I had to do to move forward.” S.O, Launch Expert.