All she needs…

Annick Ina Soul Superstar

Sometimes my little Self comes visit me. She knocks on my door, her little blanky in one hand, dried tears and a worried look on her face, and asks if she can come sit beside me.

Those are the times when I surprise myself with the amount of Love I can call in and give her. And with time, I’ve learned that that is all she needs.

She knows I can’t tell the future. She knows I don’t know more than she does. All she wants is to be held, and be told that I hear her and feel her.

She doesn’t come looking for a solution, she just wants me to remind her that she is loved.

And it wasn’t until I understood that, that I learned to show up for her.

I used to think she wanted me to fix things. Feeling powerless in front of such expectations, I chose to turn my back on her so I wouldn’t have to face my feelings of inadequacy.

But now, when she shows up at my door, I invite her in. I hold her in my arms and feel with her, for all she needs is for me to witness her feelings and not leave.

A hug that says “I’m here for you” is what she needs, and together we watch the stars from our fort built with the Love and Magic that surrounds us.



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