I Wrote a Letter to the Universe.

It was 9.30pm on a Friday night. The week had been a weird one.


Workwise, it didn’t feel like I had gotten much done.


Just this Monday, as I was attempting to write, I heard a voice tell me to go out in Nature and tell her my dreams. So I did.


I went up the hill in the old town and wrote a letter to the Universe.


I wrote all the things that I wish for myself, my business, and my life in general. How I want it to feel. How *I* want to feel.


The next day, as I was doing my morning meditation, I had another “random” idea.


I posted something in a facebook group of mine, and within a few hours, what seemed too big a dream suddenly became doable.


Just last month, I had a realization: I want to live somewhere warm, near the water, but also close to the city.


Australia was obviously on my list but how would I make that happen? It’s a lot of money, and it feels daunting to just go there on my own.


Well… turns out I’ll be spending some time in Australia this winter Guest-room hopping and staying with my fellow B-schoolers.


And you see, connection was the second thing I realised I needed. Not wanted. Needed. Real in-person interactions with like-minded people.


This online business thing can get pretty lonely. Even when you have all the friends you want online.


However awesome it is, there’s nothing as magical and heart-warming as a cup of tea and a good chat shared in real life.


So yeah.


I’ve also been reading Johann Hari ‘s book, Lost Connections. A real blessing: mind-blowing, eye-opening. The more I read, the more I realised how much I had set myself up for unhappiness.

You see, no matter how well things would go, there would always be some time when that feeling would creep in.


That feeling that something was missing, despite everything. That feeling of being broken, despite everything.


Now I know.


This past week’s been nothing like a typical work week. I’ve been listening to the voice inside of me, trusting, and letting go.


Letting go and trusting some more.


In fact, this whole month’s been this way. And if I had to use one word to describe it, it would be MAGIC.


I don’t have every step of the way figured out. Far from that. But one thing I know for sure, is that my desires are being met.


That’s the power of C-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n.


Connection with others, connection with your Self, with Nature, with the Universe, connection with your Joy.


That’s where the Magic lies.


A Challenge For You: 

Make it your mission to get OFF the computer this week – go find a local pal (or 5!) to connect with in real life. Experience reality. The virtual world can wait.

After living in the real world for a while – you’re bound to have some awesome life experiences…What better way to share them than with a book?!

Sometimes you need guidance from an experienced soul who can take you from idea all the way to story-birth.

Just call me your BOOK DOULA.

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