Breaking the Cycle of Busy


For so many years I have tried to DO things, go for what I should do, what would be expected, rather than what I really wanted, what would feel good. And this DOING would often take over All. The. Space. leaving none left for my Self to BE.


These past weeks I’ve worked to exhaustion. Not because I had to, but just because every time something came up, I thought, “Oh it’ll just take a few minutes to do it”, so I did. And day after day, without even realizing it, my work days became longer, and my weekends shorter.


I thought “If I take a little extra time to do it now, then I won’t have to do it later”. But that “later” with less things to do never came.


I almost did this to my trip to London as well.


I thought, since I’m in London, I need to go to Fortnum and Masons to buy tea, and then go shopping for nice mugs and fancy notebooks… because you don’t get that in Italy. I thought I’d do that with my Sunday.


And then on Monday, I thought I’d seize the opportunity to host an afternoon workshop. Because, I need to make the most of my time in London, y’know…?


Well… Yes. I needed to make the most of my time there. And THIS is what that meant:

Meeting up with a fellow B-schooler for breakfast at my favourite little café, catching up and chatting for three hours

NOT going to Oxford Street and chilling out in the garden soaking up the sun all afternoon

Cancelling the workshop on Monday and leaving that afternoon free for doing whatever I feel like doing then, whether that means exploring the English countryside or sipping a cup of tea with a good book.


I might not have had all the boxes checked on my To-Do list when I flew back to Italy, but I know for sure that I spent this week – out of all my many weeks – BEING, more than doing.


And you know how that feels?


It feels Good. AMAZINGLY GOOD.

You know what else feels amazingly good?…Finally writing that book of yours. It’s kind of (exactly) like birthing a baby. Sometimes you need guidance from an experienced soul who can take you from conception all the way to birth.


Just call me your BOOK DOULA.


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