Authentically Yours – Interview #4 Jenna Yamasaki

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Welcome here beautiful soul!

I’m excited because you are just about to experience laughter, connection and inspiration. YES! As a coach and entrepreneur, I get to talk to a looooot of people, about a looooot of things. Our conversations are so inspiring that I thought I couldn’t keep them for myself anymore!

Seriously, I want to sprinkle positive vibes all over the world. Make you smile, make you cry (crying is releasing, so it’s ALWAYS good!), make you dream, inspire you to put on the best version of you and pull it off in the most gorgeous way only YOU can! (Oh yeah!)

So here we are! This is the first episode of Authentically Yours – The Interviews, a series of informal interviews, more like a conversation, about different topics: Becoming your Shero, walking to the other side of fear and pain, breaking the taboos of sex and having a fulfilled sex life, turning the failures in your life into steps towards success, rising and soaring towards BLISS.

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What can I say… ENJOY!!!

Authentically Yours – Interview #4 Jenna Yamasaki

Money, money, money! Imagine winning  10 million dollars at a big international lottery. (Oh yeah, let’s bathe in that feeling for a bit… ) What would you do with that money? Some would put it on a bank account, some would quit their job and give themselves a huge upgrade, some would share it with their friends and family, some would donate it to charity, some would invest it… Soooo many options! But what would YOU do? Did you know that your answer to this question means much more than just that?

How do you feel about money? We are often taught not to talk about money, especially if we have it, as if it was a dirty thing. “Money is the root of all evil”, “Money can’t buy happiness”, we hear stories of people having money and then losing it all, people who were all nice and humble until the day they became rich.

In this week’s episode, Jenna Yamasaki explains how we can bring more abundance into our lives by changing our perspective. We talk about the Money Archetypes, and the different perceptions we have about money and how they impact our lives, because yes, the way we “do” money is the way we do everything. Find out more about YOUR Money Archetype by taking the quiz! What did you get? Does that make sense to you? Share in the comments below!



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  1. Hi Annick. Your website is awesome ! And I love this interview series you are offering ! You can be proud of yourself for your creativity and all the energy you are putting in to thrive ! I wish you more success than you ever dreamed of ! See each other at Oprah’s ;-)))

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