She’s alive!!! ALIIIIIVE!!!!!!!

Oh my dearest friend,

Today I will start my Newsbits with some wonderful amazing fantabulous great news: As you can see from the picture, my fitbit is alive! She’s ALIIIIVE!!!!Yes!!!! Thank you for your prayers! After spending three days in Rice Intensive Care Unit, she finally woke up from her long sleep on Wednesday! Yayyyy!!! (Not sure whether that experience is going to teach me to remember to take my fitbit off before showering, or that it actually doesn’t matter if I take it off or not, because it is INVINCIBLE!!!!!! LOL…)

As I said last week, right now, I’m working on my new digital course. I drafted my outline last week, and I started filming this week. Yesterday, I started working on the editing, and I can tell you, that was NOT fun. But actually, as people say, I’m the tech queen. I usually tame technology, instead of letting it stop me (even if that sometimes means finding ways to by-pass it!!).

This is why, instead of thinking about how complicated things sounded, last night I did some research and figured out what were the concrete steps I needed to take. Turns out it wasn’t anything complicated. Nothing that I couldn’t do. That got me thinking… Sometimes we let ourselves be overwhelmed, and we let the things that we have to do seem HUGE.

And if you think about it, feeling overwhelmed, even though it might not feel so good is actually EASIER than taking action. Because when you take action, you put yourself out there, you  expose yourself to failure and it’s so much easier and say “Oh my God, I’ve got so many things to do, I don’t know where to start…” and do nothing.

But overwhelm is just a feeling. It’s a perception, not a fact, and it’s just another sneaky way for us to keep procrastinating. YES, you heard me right. Usually when we get overwhelmed, what happens is that we get paralysed and feel stuck. We DON’T do anything, when the very thing we should do if we feel like we have 10 000 things to do, is to roll up our sleeves and start taking action!

Very often, especially when it involves situations where we need to put ourselves out there, feeling overwhelmed is no other than the ego trying to hold us back and trying to prevent us from stepping into our power. It is just another way to keep us stuck in the “Think small” mindset.

That’s why, I’m really encouraging you to take a moment this week, with love and compassion, just to plant that seed and promise yourself that the next time you feel overwhelmed, you will ask yourself whether you want to stay in darkness, or whether you want to step into the light and take action.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong to feel overwhelmed. It’s a feeling, and feelings are real. Whatever the reason why they are there, the fact of the matter is that they ARE there.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck there. Acknowledge your fear, acknowledge the discomfort, but TRUST that taking action, even one tiny step at a time, will get you UNstuck.

This morning, I got up, had my morning smoothie and started editing my video. Two hours later, I was DONE. And PSYCHED. And PROUD of myself for that little gem I’ve just produced. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So next time you feel stuck because of the number of things you need to do, take a deep breath, and take the next step. However slow you move, you will always move further than if you didn’t move at all.

Sending you tons of Love and Light.
Have an amazing weekend,