How to write a book

Have you been wanting to write a book for forever?



   – You don’t know where to start

   –  Or even HOW?!

   –  You feel like you don’t have enough to fill a whole book

   – You don’t know anything about book writing and it just feels like a whole huuuuuge project that takes aaaaages


Is this you?

* You’ve gone through so much transformation lately that you feel like you need to write about it, let it all out and free up space for the new You


* You keep telling the same stories or giving the same advice to people/clients over and over again!  


*  You’re finally ready to step up and use your story to change lives on a larger scale


*  You’ve decided this is the year you’re going to stop playing small 


Get this 3-part Workshop for $147

And let’s get you started!

Get this incredible 3-Part Video Workshop and get ready to write!

Everything you need to get started, including the motivation!


This 3-part workshop will take place over 3 sessions and will cover:

* How to pick THE right book idea

* How to turn that idea into a book outline

* How to decide on your word count

* The best way to schedule your writing sessions

* The secrets to making your writing sessions EXTRA productive

* My favourite tools to keep track of your ideas and how to use them

* My favourite mindset exercises that will help you step into your role as an author (and blow your mind!)


Say Goodbye to Fear and Overwhelm…
And Hello to Clarity and Inspiration!

Everything you need to get started, including motivation!

What you’ll get:

* Clarity on your WHY, WHAT and HOW

* A working outline for your first draft (FINALLY!!!!!)

* The tools and know-how to get started NOW

* Techniques to nip Writer’s Block in the bud!


Are you ready?!

PLUS.... get a fantastic BONUS BUNDLE!

Bonus #1: Downloadable worksheets to go follow along during the live training, but also for any other future book you’ll want to write!


Bonus #2: Link to a 1-hour exclusive interview with bestselling author Annie Grace, who reveals all her secrets – how she got to make $20K/month with her self-published book, and how much $$$ she made from the double book deal with a traditional publisher. All insider information authors usually keep secret!

What people say about this:



What a phenomenal workshop!! It totally exceeded every expectation I had!!! (and they were seriously high). I have never felt more ready to write the book. So many aha’s, ideas, Not even sure how to describe them.

It was so great having it there with the other participants, as opposed to a webinar with you just talking – which would also have been great I am sure, but having that interaction really got my creative juices flowing.

I want to meet you all and the other participants! I almost feel connected to them even though I was not live on the call. There are no words I can use to describe how fantastic this webinar was for me finding clarity and “stepping through the portal” to tell my story […] I can’t even start to tell you the aha’s and I am still processing them myself, but I absolutely want to take this to the next step with you – no doubt.” – S.R, Barbados 

“I knew doing this would be the kick up the backside I needed to schedule time for my book again. I felt a little like I couldn’t look it in the face. I was ignoring it as I followed other shiny things. I got a lot out of the workshop, particularly the writing tools, I think this will be very useful for me to organise my thoughts/chapters/ideas as they are written all over the place. Having someone passionate about book writing gave me the contagion!” – K.L, Australia.


“Writing a book was something I wanted to do, but I wasn’t nearly as close to taking the plunge as I was after. I was feeling pretty stuck in some ways – not stuck enough to want to give up, but stuck enough to allow other things to command my attention. I wasn’t giving the book either the time or the headspace that it needed. I knew when I signed up that it would be a way for me to come back to it more wholeheartedly. I was right. 😉

My enthusiasm and inspiration to write were really ignited again in the workshop, and I also realized that some of the blocks I had to get started were addressed. For example, I couldn’t picture how to organize my ideas, even though I’d started collecting things in Evernote. The brainstorming session was helpful, and I realize just how many stories I have that I’d like to tell – some of which I even forget are really interesting.

The clarity you helped us get helped a lot. I think hearing of your own experience, and hearing the experience of the other women, helped a lot. It definitely jazzed me up and inspired me.” – K.B, Switzerland.


“I signed up because this is the year I am committed to writing my book. I have an outline that I drafted last year, but I have no idea if the shape or concept is something that can work as a coherent book AND I’ve been resistant AF about updating it and fleshing it out. I do well when I am reminded WHY something matters to me. And when I am reminded that I have the tools to succeed. Connecting with the book oath idea was really helpful.” – E.D, United States.


“I signed up for this because I love Annick & her book! And I want to write a book too! Before it, I felt overwhelmed, but Annick talked us through the process and put the steering wheel right back into our hands, with a huge dose of confidence!  She has created in me a belief that I can do it too and I feel excited and very positive!  I recommend this course to anyone who has ever considered writing a book!” – S.U, South Africa 

Annick Ina

Who am I?

My name is Annick. I’m an author, coach & self-publishing manager and best-selling author of Soul Superstar.

In 2016, I had an epiphany: What if writing my story could actually help change lives? I kept telling the same stories over and over again, and people kept telling me I should share them in a book.

I had reached that point where I knew I just had to do it. I booked my flight to London and set out on my own writing retreat. On Dec 20th, I started writing my book. Fourteen days later, I finished my manuscript.

Six months later, on June 16, 2017, my book was published and was #1 Bestseller on Amazon.  The dream had become reality.

It changed my life in ways I could never have imagined, and I now run a business that supports authors and aspiring authors throughout the various stages leading to becoming published authors.

Have you been dreaming about this for years? Let me help you make it reality!