Overcoming Your Writer’s Fears

When I’m scared, my first reaction is to get stuck.

I don’t play out horror scenarios.

I just freeze.

And stay stuck in the space in between WANTING to do something, and actually DOING it.

The fear isn’t just in my head.

It’s in my body too.

Most of the time, it’s in my stomach. I just feel it twisting and constricting, like a plastic bottle when you pour boiling water in it.

Sometimes, I’ll play words in my head over and over again in search of the perfect way to shape my words.

Because a lot of times, my fear is about expressing myself.

What will happen if I share my thoughts, feelings, or opinion?

I will be told that I’m wrong.
I will be made fun of.
I will be judged.
I will be misunderstood.
I will be labelled as the bad guy.

All things that have happened in the past, and have taught my brain that keeping quiet is the best option.

Is it, though?

How is silencing myself the best option?

And best option for whom?

Certainly not for me, if it means staying stuck in replaying loops of words I dread to say.

Certainly not for me, if it means having my body shut down.

I’ve learned to recognise these patterns, and to interrupt them.

I’ve learned that the best way to stop fear from paralysing me, is to lean in.

And listen to it.

Instead of looking away, I open the door to it and listen.

I invite my fear to speak, with the same openness and non-judgement I’d like MY words to be received.

Because the truth is, I just want to be heard.

And so does my Fear.

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