Time for new adventures

Time for new adventures

Tonight I will be on my way to Austria for a new adventure, and I can tell you, I feel like a pressure cooker right now. Because of the move happening today, I held back from starting the week as I’d normally do, because I didn’t want to have to disrupt my work flow after one day and lose momentum. Arrgghh.. The thing is, I can feel the energy build up. My whole body is tingling!

Maybe that’s why they say you should take a break from your work sometimes, because right now, my energy’s so high I feel like I could work my way to Oprah’s in no time!!! Woooahh!

Maybe it’s all the big shifts happening at the moment, all the eclipses and all, maybe it’s the power of 9-9-9, but something is definitely happening! In case you’re wondering, September 9th was a big day numerology wise: it was the 9th day of the 9th month of the year in a numerological 9 year. The number 9 being the last one on the numerological scale, before starting back to 1, this symbolises the end of a cycle, and obviously (there’s no ending without one), A NEW BEGINNING.

So yes, if I throw in the move to Austria, well, EVERYTHING is pointing to a new beginning for me, and man, I am so frickin’ ready! The thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling it, and I’m not the only one who could do with a new beginning.

On my journey, I have always been blessed with amazing synchronicities. Seemingly “innocent” , random recommendations that turned into HUGE a-ha moments. Like major breakthroughs. Just like that. Magic.

So I thought today I’d pay it forward. I want to be the person who makes that random recommendation to you. And I want to give you the opportunity to be that person too. Be the angel that gives someone what will change their life forever. Be that person to whom they will always be grateful every time they think back on where they were and how far they’ve come. My eyes are welling up right now as I think of the friend who’s been that angel for me. So really, I’m begging you, no word is superfluous, no piece of advice or recommendation is. Your words could be the seed, or the tipping point to someone’s new life. Don’t hold back.

Here’s my last video. It could change one, or many lives. It could be yours, or a friend’s, or both. Who knows? I need your help. Please watch this, and be an angel: Help me make a difference in your life, or in someone else’s.

The video contains a special offer that expires on Friday, so don’t wait too long. If you know someone who could do with a new life, a new beginning, or just some inspiration, hit that forward button! (see P.S note) All they’ll have to do is hit reply to contact me. And the same goes for you. Not only today, but always: these newsbits are not meant to be a one way thing where I babble in your inbox and then leave… (how rude of me!!!) You can also babble back! 🙂I’m just one reply button away and I’d LOVE to hear from you! THAT’s what this is meant to be… that is, until I get famous and busy doing my thing with Oprah!! LOL

So there you go! To new adventures !

Sending you truck loads of Love and Light, and looking forward to sending you news from Vienna,

P.S The video is also available on my Facebook page if you want to share it there. Just click here!