And forward we go!!!

Finally moving forward again!!!

You are part of a very very complicated experiment at the moment: Will I be able to write my Newsbits in 31 mins and still deliver something good? LOL I typed “gooF” instead of good.. I think that was the Universe giving me my answer, like a “Pff, don’t even bother, kid..” but guess what, I like a challenge, so I am gonna try anyway. And if it doesn’t work and I end up sending you a “goof” email, well, I apologise, I meant well….

So, here’s the thing. The reason why I can’t take my time today is that I’ve got to go out in one hour, to meet up with two people. One at 11am, and one at 2pm. Both people I’ve never met in person before. I’m excited!! I mean, really.. One is friends with an online friend of mine in Miami, and it just so happens that she’s travelling to Vienna this week, and the other one is a fellow B-schooler. Connections are falling from the sky straight onto my laps, peeps! I’m telling you, there’s MAGIC in Vienna!!!! (Yeah, that, and amazing architecture, AND SHOPS!!!!!) I’ve been flooding my instagram with pictures of Vienna this past week. Can’t help it, I’m loving it so much that I’ve got to let it out!!! Check it out here!

Arrrggghhh.. 20 minutes left…. So, another thing I wanted to tell you is that Mercury is finally “straight” again! Yayyy! I know this past Mercury retrograde has been tough for lots of us. Even those who have no idea what a Mercury retrograde is. To make it simple, let’s say that if shitty things have been happening to you in the past three weeks, technology glitches (or massive mess ups), communications not working properly (people understanding with the bottom of their backs rather than their brains), travel plans going weirdly wrong, well, this is all because of the Mercury retrograde!!! Obviously, google might be able to give you a better explanation… (I’m sure I could, but I’ve only got 16 minutes left now, so maybe another time… before the next Mercury retrograde so you’re better prepared! )

Tick tock tick tock….. so here’s my last Teaching Monday video. Of course I got the inspiration in my sleep, but I’ve learnt now to write it down so I don’t forget when I wake up for the day. I’ve learnt my lesson. So many times I got woken up by ideas, started in a half awake state, then all defined to the most detailed parts, and I’m like “WOW, that’s genius!!!”, then slept some more, and woke up the next morning, and however hard I tried, the idea had just VANISHED!!! Gone! Nowhere to be found, like a file that’s been permanently deleted from your computer… Ugghh.. So now I know. I write it down, or record a voice note in a freakingly scary whispering voice, but at least, I know it’s gonna be there when I wake up!!

Anyway! I got sidetracked… Here’s my last episode, and I’ve actually already recorded the next one, and it’s gonna be a good one: I talk about my experience at a nudist beach! Only a couple of days to go before it’s out on myFacebook page! Don’t miss it!

Alright… 5 mins to go…. Sorry but I’m only going to have a quick re-read, so please pardon any typo… (blame it on Mercury!!!! LOL )

2 mins to go….. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!!!!

Have an amazing weekend, I’ve got lots of good stuff coming, but I’ll tell you more about it next time!

Love and Light,