My #1 Rule To Avoid Failure

A while ago, I joined Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year programme. It literally transformed my business, and in those 90 DAYS I made 150% what I’d made the previous YEAR.




Six months later, as the second quarter was coming to an end, I’d been reflecting a lot. Over the past months, I’d been too busy to sit down and map out my second 90 Day Year plan for the year. So I tried to apply the principles of planning, and did get things done, but not with the results I hoped for.


I’d launched a few offers. I worked a lot. Put a lot of time and effort preparing everything, but what I got was what many would be tempted to call a flop.


For example, I prepared a whole online birthday celebration a few weeks back, with promos and and special birthday deals. Since it was also my book’s first birthday, I offered it for $1.99. Sent an email to my list and shared on Facebook.


I got one sale.


ONE DOLLAR NINETY NINE for hours of work writing emails and preparing graphics on Canva.


Old me would have gone into a whole crisis over this. But one thing that’s completely changed the way I see my business since the 90 Day Year is that I don’t interpret things as success or failure anymore.


Of course, I’m happy when things work and clients sign up. But the small, yet so significant mindset shift I’ve made is that I now see this whole business thing as collecting data. With every post I publish, every email I send, every service I launch, I collect data: what my potential clients react to, what they like, and what they don’t like. What gets a better response, and what doesn’t.


There’s no more success or failure, and I have stopped interpreting the numbers of my launches as an indicator of how good I am, but rather an indicator of what conditions bring better (or worse) results.


This leads to the second lesson I’ve learned this year.


Why is it that six months ago, business seemed to flow with so much ease, and now things feel more strenuous, there’s more work and less results?


At the beginning of the year, my word was EASE. I was dealing with huge changes in my life, and in a way to keep my sanity and keep doing business without crashing, I chose to go for tasks that felt good.


What’s also interesting is that at that time, I was in Mauritius. Staying on a tropical island, in a gorgeous little house near the beach, with a poor internet connection.


The easiest way to get decent internet connection was to treat myself to breakfast or lunch at one of my favourite cafés, and work from there using their Wifi connection. Because the place closed at 6pm, I had to be done by that time.


So my days looked like holidays: I’d go for lunch and breakfast, work from that beautiful café, drink fresh juices and eat delicious salads, and be grateful for being in a warm country while most people I knew were freezing their fingertips off.


In the evenings I’d go home, have dinner and chill out. On Mondays I’d play tennis. At weekends I’d go for sundowners by the beach, go out for dinner or invite friends to my place.


But then, I flew back to Italy and things were the complete opposite. I’d work from home from morning to late evening and never get out of the flat during the week. I’d work at weekends. I don’t really have friends here, so no quality time and great conversations. All work, work, work. Do, do, do.


And guess what, the only magic I experienced in those months was when I STOPPED doing. When I just let myself BE. When I travelled and spent quality time with friends. When I did things that lit me up. When I took the time to enjoy life.


I’ve realized that I am way more productive when I take time to be happy. When I take time to BE.


I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to BE. It’s hard to undo the decades of living in the DO. I’ll be honest with you: the number one reason why I created the Red Tent Retreat (focused on BEING) was because I’M the one who needs it most!


This year is the year I’m making it my priority to shift from a DO, DO, DO mode (sounds like the famous Police song!) to the ease of BEING.


And just at the mere thought of it I can feel a wave of peace and serenity wash over me.


THIS is why I chose to be an entrepreneur. THIS is why I chose to follow my joy. So I could work and feel good.


But it’s so easy to forget. It’s so easy to get sucked in the spiral of DOING. That’s why I’m sharing this with you today.


Stop whatever you’re doing, and make a mental note of this:


Take the time to BE. Results do not come from more DOING. Results come from BEING first, so that you can choose the best way to DO.

If writing a book is on your TO DO list…it’s kind of (exactly) like birthing a baby. Sometimes you need guidance from an experienced soul who can take you from conception all the way to birth – and JUST BE with you through the process.

Just call me your BOOK DOULA.

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