Looking for direction? Need a plan?

Annick Ina Business Coaching

Hey there!


Did you click here out of curiosity, or is there something that’s been bothering you and you’d like me to help out? Either way, since you’re here, let me tell you more about my SOS Strategy Session.


My experience as a triple shop owner in a country where uncertainty was the only certainty was my best University for “Keep calm and find a solution”. Last minute challenges were a constant and kinda turned me into a problem-solving Ninja.


Whether we’re friends or have worked together, you know that a conversation with me will always leave you with clarity, if that’s what you want.


I see blind spots, ask light-bulb questions and just like thinking out of the box.


If you want clarity regarding a personal, business or book related situation, bring it to me and together well find the next step that feels GOOD to you.


I’m creatively resourceful (honestly, you can’t imagine how much!) and I really rock at this!


Here’s what to expect:


We’ll get on a call, you’ll bring your issue to me, we’ll put it on the table and explore it together.


I’ll ask some questions and depending on your needs, whether you’d like clarity, you’re feeling stuck, or you’d like to expand, we’ll come up with ideas and ACTIONABLE STEPS for you to implement.


When we’re done, you’ll receive a recording of our time together and you can take it from there. Without me. (or with me if you want to, but what I mean is that you’ll have gained enough clarity to get you going for the next step… or ten!).


I know it’s easier to believe it when it comes from others, so check out the testimonials below and if you’re ready, book your session!


Ps. If you can’t find a time that suits your schedule, email me at hello@annickina.com . I usually have a few secret slots available!



“So that meeting was pure genius. YOU are pure genius. I feel so so good!!! I get it now! I see who my [ideal client] is, after years of not knowing. This is a really, really, ridiculously important service you offer. Helping authors understand who they’re writing for — in other words, helping a book find its audience — and helping authors write to that person could be a fabulous niche for you. Do you market this specifically? Because it is GOLD, my friend.”


“I’ve done soooo much this week, I’m on fire! I’ve got so much to tell you! I’ve been focusing on my products, I’m testing them and getting loads of feedback, my website is being revamped behind the scenes. I’ve got loaaaads to report! I’m loving this business creation side of things. Thank you so much, you’re a real angel in my life. When I look back it’ll be like ‘Wow, THIS was the moment!’, so thank you, really.”


“Annick, I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times, but let’s just make that a gazillion and one. You are an angel, thank you for our conversation. Thank you for being there for me!”


I was recently in a business cul-de-sac. I could not put my finger on how to price my new workshop. It wasn’t for lack of effort. I went to great lengths over it but for whatever reason, I was stuck! 

When I started talking to Annick about it, she had me pointed out of the cul-de-sac in no time. Straight talking, straight shooter, cut the shit, raw truth style. But in Annick’s friendliest mermaid way.

If you need something that’s not a big commitment, just some quick help to iron out a wrinkle, definitely do this session. Annick is truly gifted.