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Short but sweet

self love hug

Need a quick pick me up and no one is around to give you some Love? Try this short guided meditation and fill your Love tank in only 5 minutes.

your evening cleanse

Harness the power of intention to release what doesn’t serve you anymore and start afresh. The perfect solution to use in times of crisis, or as your everyday evening ritual.

Downloadable visualisations

drop the shame

A 45-min healing exercise with meaningful imagery to connect with your Inner World and free your Inner Self from the Shame and Guilt that has been weighing it down.

Product Template

Feeling a feeling is calling it into reality. A simple yet magical exercise to get things moving and get you closer to the life of your dreams, starting NOW.

Massive Aha’s in under 30mins

fear inventory

Fear (or resistance) is often a sign that you’re about to take an important step in your life. Finding out what your ego’s arguments are is an important step in freeing yourself from fear and moving forward with ease. The Fear Inventory, as taught by Gabrielle Bernstein is the most powerful tool I have in my toolbox: It only takes 25 minutes, but the breakthroughs you can get from it will blow your mind. Worksheet included.

find your message

What is YOUR medicine? What should you write about in your book? What is the message that YOU can share in a way that no one else does? What should you focus your coaching practice on? This 24-minute exercise is specifically designed for you to get out of your head and reach into your Inner World to uncover the message that belongs to your heart and that YOU need to share. Worksheet included.

Full Self-Study Courses

write and change lives

You’ve got a book inside of you pushing to come out and you’re wondering if it’s a crazy idea… or not? Who says it has to be hard? Or cost a fortune? Four hours of content to give you everything you need to get started NOW!
Price: $ 197


Who says you NEED alcohol to have fun, to relax, to socialise, or get inspired? You could do ALL OF THIS for yourself! Learn to BE Your Own Booze and upgrade your life. Create a life beyond your wildest dreams, because you can! Bonus: Lose the cravings, not the friends and fun!
Price: $497  $97


Have you decided to answer the call but don’t know what to do next? Maybe you think you don’t have anything valuable to say, or you don’t know what to say. We all have a story and a message to share. Find your voice and define your message so that you can speak from your heart and change lives. Your voice matters. Price: $ 47


Seven days of gratitude exercises based on May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein to create some long lasting good vibes and call in miracles to your life. Videos delivered twice daily to help you plant miracle seeds in areas such as Self-Love, Body-image, Relationships and Money.


Wanna experience mind-blowing changes as you completely turn your life around making small but OH SO IMPORTANT changes. Twelve weeks of weekly videos, worksheets and IRL exercises. Price: $ 1200

EFT (Tapping) + scripts

eft tapping 101

The Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, is a crossbreed between acupressure, neuroscience and positive psychology. In this introductory course, you will experience its IMMEDIATE efficiency (you can actually measure the difference in only one session). Once you get familiar with it, you can use this technique to heal physical pain, emotional stress, weight issues, money blocks and much more.

eft bundle


* Get Rid of Overwhelm

* Boost Your Connection

* Make the Right Decisions

* I am Enough

* Ready to Feel Good

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