The Red Tent Retreat

11am, 27th January – 6pm, 31st January 2019

Zimbali, Ballito, South Africa


The place for you to BE in your Essence


Why the Red Tent Retreat?


I believe that in sharing our stories, we allow ourselves and others to grow.


I believe that in just BEING ourselves, we share great lessons with others.


I believe that connection can be a catalyst for some of the greatest shifts we can experience.


And I believe that my role is not to teach, but to facilitate the transformation that can occur in yourself and in others as you share the gift of your Self.


This is the place for you to BE in your Essence.


latin ‘esse’, greek ‘ousia’
* the state of BEING *

Let this be a safe space for you to explore letting the way you BE coincide with your Essence.


Allow yourself to embrace the essence of your femininity while you connect with a group of amazing women, each sharing their different gifts.


Let us be there for you and hold space for you to BE as you do the same for others.


No judgement, no expectations.


Give yourself the gift of BEING without any limits, any filters or masks. Just YOU.




And let your Power and Magnificence to rise to the surface.


You are so ready for this.


Come experience the Bliss in BEING.

We can’t wait to witness you, dear soul.



How to get there


The closest airport is Durban Airport, served by airlines from all over the world. From there, we can arrange for you to be picked up. Just let us know what time you’re arriving and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

What do I need to bring


Stella’s Villa Soul is situated on a Golf Resort, close to the beach. You can enjoy morning walks while the sunrises as you make your way to the beach. Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen, and comfy shoes!

How much does it cost


The retreat fee is 1500 dollars per person and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner in this magnificent 6-bedroom villa overlooking the ocean, and 1:1 sessions. Ready to pick your bedroom?

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