Soul Superstar: Stories from My Sober Heart – Annick Ina

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Soul Superstar Annick Ina

Soul Superstar: Stories From My Sober Heart

Have you ever woken up one morning unsure how you got home?

The night before is a blur. You remember drinking. You feel the familiar flood of shame when you realise what you’ve done. You’re sick to your stomach trying to recall what went on.

You realise you’ve been given another chance. And this time, you’re going to do things differently.

That’s exactly what happened to Annick when she decided to quit alcohol.

There comes a time when the excruciating pain of the past becomes so unbearable that you just can’t keep running away anymore. The faint hope of freedom is worth risking it all. Exhausted and breathless, heart pounding in your chest, you finally stop. And in the most powerfully graceful move, you swerve, turn around and face your Darkness.

A year into sobriety, Annick Ina decided to take her transformation to the next level. Now, in her book Soul Superstar, she shares her journey in a series of essays and letters from the Soul, as she uncovers how she dealt with her demons and finally found peace.