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How to write a book

You are here to do great things. 

Your story, your lessons, your expertise, that’s your zone of genius.

 I’m here to help you turn that into a book. 



My name is Annick and I’m here to help you write a book that will change lives, starting with yours.


How? Becoming an author will not only transform you, but it will transform your relationships, your business, and your life in general. 


As an entrepreneur, you will gain credibility in your field as well as visibility. Your book won’t be just a heap of words. It will be a piece of YOU, expertly crafted into the key to your readers’ heart.


And before you know it, they’ll be asking for more: books, videos, articles, programmes, they’ll want YOU.


As a human being, sharing your story will be a highly therapeutic and healing experience. Sharing your story is the perfect way to honour your past, take stock and acknowledge for REAL how far you’ve come, and emerge as the true upgraded version of you that you are meant to be.


My mission is to hold your hand and walk with you through the whole process, making sure that you’ve got all the tools and information needed to make it as easeful as possible, free from doubt, anxiety, and stuck-ness!


More than just a writing coach, I will be your Book Doula, helping you with a combination of skills to give you 360° support.


In other words, you’ll get:

Clarity on the best book idea for you, and who your ideal reader is

Accountability to make sure that you stick to your writing goals throughout the process

Strategy during your writing process so that you don’t end up with a useless pile of words, but a manuscript that takes the reader on a journey

Feedback on your writing to make sure your message is crafted in the best way possible to reach your reader

Mindset work that will give you the confidence you need to step into your author shoes and share your story the way it deserves to be told (Bonus: I’m the best cheerleader you could get)

Reassurance and peace of mind: I know all the steps ahead, so you don’t have to worry about them. No more spending hours of your precious time on Google search, YouTube tutorials, endless blog posts (hello overwhelm!). You will have a roadmap of your next moves, feeling supported, grounded and confident.  


What do you say? Wanna look at what that could look like for you?


Let’s have a chat and see if now is the right time for us to work together.


Soul Superstar: Stories From My Sober Heart

NEW EDITION with foreword by Annie Grace, Bestselling author of This Naked Mind

“There comes a time when the excruciating pain of the past becomes so unbearable that you just can’t keep running away anymore. The faint hope of freedom is worth risking it all. Exhausted and breathless, heart pounding in your chest, you finally stop. And in the most powerfully graceful move, you swerve, turn around and face your Darkness.”

One year after her last hangover, Annick Ina opens up and shares her journey in a series of essays and letters from the Soul, as she explores her past and makes her way back to her Self.

Her storytelling talent and her distinctive voice, as humorous as it is gutsy, will transport you to explore your own experience and see it under a new light.

Annie Grace

Annie Grace

Author, This Naked Mind

Annick delivers an exciting and engaging book. She has a fluid writing style – it is easy to get swept up in the stories. This book offers a unique perspective and an original twist – hearing directly from the soul and through these letters from Annick’s ‘soul superstar’ we find that we are not alone, we are always taken care of and that everything in our lives happens to shape and mold us allowing us to deliver the gifts we have inside of us to the world.


Bernard Charles

Author, Rainbow Revolution

This is the most refreshing and creative book on living sober emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This book reminds me that the first year is always the hardest but the most powerful. Using creativity to answer life’s most puzzling questions inspires me and I could feel Annick Ina hold my own heart as I continue to lean into the world with faith more.


Jaime Jenett

Founder of

Annick’s brutiful truth telling about her own foibles, challenges and learned lessons provides a compelling and entertaining vehicle for her teachings on love, compassion and personal growth. Her narrative mixes personal stories with the fiercely loving voice of her guardian angel resulting in a joyful, funny, honest guidebook for people searching for a way to grow.


Asselle Seitmagzigova

Writer, The Feral Soul

I really enjoyed reading this beautiful candid personal story of growth and transformation. Annick tells her story with humour, vulnerability and depth that deeply resonated with my soul. There are so many lessons and insights that made me stop and reflect on my own life. As someone who has also struggled with facing my own feelings and shadows, often turning to alcohol to suppress them, I can definitely relate to this journey. Loved it!