It’s All Part Of The Process

“Being authentic doesn’t only mean ‘being true to yourself all the time’, it’s also recognizing and acknowledging when you’re not.”


Last night I finished one of my interviewees’ book.


From the moment I finished my interview with her last week, I could feel that I had somehow morphed into someone else, a bit like a teenager “trying to be cool” around her crush.


Watching the interview again somehow made me cringe. And after finishing her book, I felt even more embarrassed for letting myself be thrown off my ME-ness, when she’s “just” a writer who’s gone through all the normal writing process, challenges and transformation, like everyone else!


I woke up this morning and was tempted to reach out to her and ask if we could record a new interview, but that didn’t feel right either.


Because the thing is, we’re human, and by definition, we’re not always going to do the “right” thing. We’re not always going to say or do what truly matches who we are inside.


I know the whole point of being true to ourselves is to align who we are with what we do and say, but sometimes we don’t.


And in those cases, being true to ourselves doesn’t mean trying to conceal or “overwrite” it, but rather, recognizing it, acknowledging it, and knowing “better”, so we can do better next time.


It’s all part of the journey. The good, and the “bad”.


We learn, and we love ourselves a little more.


We love ourselves, and we “be” ourselves a little more.


We “be” ourselves, and we “do” ourselves a little more.


It’s all part of the process.



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