Fear Less, Write More

Are you ready to become the f*cking unstoppable transformational author you are meant to be?

What if you could just sit down and let words flow freely on the page?

No more time spent:

– second-guessing yourself,

– staring at your page not knowing what to write,

– weighing every word you write,

 – going back and self-editing every sentence,

– wondering if you’re doing it right,

– worrying about what people will say…

This is your time to write and change lives, starting with yours.

Are you tired of Fear hijacking your writing?

You've come to the right place.

We’ve all been there… Feeling the desire to write our feelings, emotions, experience down, but feeling stuck.
Sometimes it’s the voices in your head telling you no one will want to read your words, sometimes it’s the visceral reaction that makes the whole writing experience feel hard AF.

I get it...

Maybe you’ve even started, but your brain keeps coming up with all sorts of reasons why you should stop:
  • Who do you think you are? Your writing sucks.
  • People will judge you and point fingers
  • You’re going to say the wrong thing and will be cancelled
  • Writing a book takes time and you don’t have any
  • No one fucking cares about your story

Here's the thing...

If writing a book was only about writing, everyone would be doing it!

Writing a book is also about:
  • honouring your experience and your story,
  • braving your fears and connecting to your why,
  • listening to that desire inside of you to get your words out,
  • remembering who you’re doing it for,
  • tuning in to your safe space when your fears try to stop you.

Each of your fears contains an opportunity to heal, and grow.

Your fears are only trying to keep you safe from reliving past stories stuck in your system.
It’s time to let them know that you’re not the same person today.
You are way stronger today than you were in the past.
You are constantly evolving and building your resilience muscles.

You are strong.

And you are not alone...

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with writers and witnessed the most beautiful transformations as they emerged on the other side of Fear, ready to stand up for who they are, their ideas, thoughts, dreams and emotions.

Fear Less, Write More

A six-month programme for writers, storytellers and aspiring authors who want to finally get their book out of their head and onto the page!

Starting February 8th, 2022

Join us for a six-month journey in a private and intimate group* to become the unstoppable transformational author you are meant to be.

You’ll learn to:
  • identify your unique message and bring it to life,
  • hone in on your inspiration and let the words flow freely,
  • tune into your writer’s block and turn it around,
  • heal from your writing first,
  • honour your fears without letting them stop you
  • show up as the unstoppable transformational author you are meant to be.


*Participants capped at 12 maximum.


Here's what to expect

On Zoom:

Each month will address one specific Fear and will be structured with the goal to develop one skill to help you master your writing process.

Each Tuesday @ 11am Eastern Time, we will have a Zoom call. If you can’t make it live, a recording will be available.

The first three Tuesdays of the month will be calls with a teaching component, and a second part to address questions and coaching requests. You’ll receive a worksheet and/or content to review by email.

Every fourth Tuesday of the month will be an Office Hours call to address more coaching requests. You can send your requests by email if you can’t make it live.


In the Facebook Group:

Each week will be structured to help you along your writing journey:

* On Mondays, we set and share intentions for the week.

On Wednesdays, we share how things are going. This is where you can ask for support.

*  On Weekends, we share our insights, celebrate ourselves for doing the work and share our writing if called to.


Pick your payment plan: $600/month for six months or $300/month for twelve months

The Programme

Month 1

Getting clear enough to get started

Overcoming the Fear of doing it wrong

  • Getting clear on your book idea, message, reader’s journey
  • Drafting your working outline (media res)
  • Experimenting with your writing process: how often, how long, how (audio, handwriting, voice typing, etc)
  • Setting goals (how to set goals that feel good, how to achieve them)
  • Creating rituals to support your journey

Month 2

Getting comfortable with your words

Overcoming the Fear of ‘what will people say?’

  • The first draft is for the writer
  • Write for “these” people not “those” people
  • Your reader needs to hear those very things you are worried about
  • Unpacking key scenes (and avoiding shortcuts like “Finally”!)

Month 3

Writing as an opportunity to heal

Overcoming the Fear of being misunderstood

  • The Visible vs The Invisible (describing facts AND emotions)
  • Using your writing to heal YOU first
  • Building resilience through writing
  • Give your readers a chance to get you – don’t censor yourself, write what YOU want to say

Month 4

Using your writer’s block as a compass

Overcoming the Fear of ‘What if I can’t finish my book?’

  • Turning your writer’s block around
  • Unpacking your writer’s block
  • Learning from your writer’s block
  • Healing from your writer’s block (more about this in the next module)

Month 5

Using your fears to heal your core wounds

 Overcoming the Fear of ‘What if it isn’t good enough?’

  • Reconnecting with your why and your ideal client
  • Exploring your fears(using your fears to uncover stories you need to heal)
  • Making a list of all the reasons why your book may not be good enough and reframing/healing
  • Comparing your unfinished drafts to finished books

Month 6

Showing up as the transformational author that you are

Overcoming the Fear of ‘No one’s going to want to read this’

  • How to start promoting your book before it’s finished
  • Mindset work to get visible, to show up confidently as an author when sharing your work
  • Sharing your story + why in one post
  • Taking steps to be seen


Get access to exclusive masterclasses and resources

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The Writer’s Reference book you’ll hear me talk about over and over again:



Pick your payment plan: $600/month for six months or $300/month for twelve months

F. A. Q.

I've bought so many programmes before that didn't work. How do I know this one's going to work?

This programme has been created based on my 1:1 work with clients over the past five years. No matter what they’re writing about, how big or small their business is, it always comes down to the same blocks. Knowing how to craft the perfect chapter means nothing if you can’t make time to write it, and/or deep down aren’t 100% confident about doing it. In this programme, we’ll address the mindset blocks, the logistics (scheduling) issues, the techn(olog)ical challenges and the writing itself. We got you covered on all fronts.

Will I have a finished manuscript by the end of the six months?

If you are consistent and use the accountability and support available for you during the calls, yes, you could have a finished manuscript ready by the end of the six months. All you need is to commit to write 2,000 words per week. That’s like two blog posts. Or one very long post.

I need hands on support. Will this be enough?

Being in a group setting will actually act as an accelerator because you don’t only get support from me, you also get to learn from the other authors’ journeys so you can prepare for your own. That said, I also understand that each case is very unique, which is why I have capped this round at 12 participants maximum so that you get a guaranteed amount of dedicated time on every support call, as well as ongoing support in the Facebook group in between calls.

How much time do I need to set aside to have my book completed?

Our weekly calls can last up to an hour and a half based on the number of participants. They’re designed for you to do “the work” during the calls so that you don’t get stuck procrastinating off calls. When it comes to writing, we’ll have posts and check-ins in the Facebook group to hold you accountable for your goals and intentions. Indicatively, if you want to write 2,000 words per week, you should aim at blocking 3-4 hours weekly. 

Will I get feedback on my writing?

Every weekend you’ll have the opportunity to share your work. I will read up to 2000 words per participant weekly and give my overall feedback. I might also pick one piece of writing and give detailed feedback in a live video so that everyone can benefit from it. 

Should you still wish to have detailed 1:1 feedback, DM me for info about the VIP option.

When will you run this offer again?

I don’t know. One thing I know for sure is that this offer as it exists, especially at that price, won’t happen again. My question to you is, how long do you want to keep putting it off writing your book?


Got other questions? Drop me an email or a DM!


Pick your payment plan: $600/month for six months or $300/month for twelve months


Pick your payment plan: $600/month for six months or $300/month for twelve months