The real truth by Annick Ina

The Real Truth…

I haven’t been completely honest about what my book is about.

I’ve been afraid to open up and show you my true self.

For years I lived a double life. I pretended to be this sassy, happy, strong and independent woman who knew what she was doing. But behind my smiles, I hid my insecurities, my shame and my brokenness.

There were mornings after I’d lost myself in drinking that I’d wake up and spend the whole day looking forward to sleeping again so I’d finally stop thinking about what I had done the night before: how I’d embarrassed myself, how I’d done things that I would never have done sober and that made me sick to my stomach.

There were days when I felt so ashamed I wished I could walk out on myself. Leave and never come back. Ever. Again. But I couldn’t. I was stuck with myself.

So I hid, because that felt so much safer. I would talk and laugh, pretend everything was okay so that no one would see what a mess I was.

I lived in constant fear that people would find out, that they would turn their back on me, start pointing fingers, label me as broken, and I would be alone. But the truth is, I already felt alone even when I was surrounded by people.

It’s time for me to speak up and let you know that you are not alone.

You don’t need to do this by yourself, thinking there’s no one who understands how you feel.

I’ve been there. And I wish someone had told me back then that there was a way.

A way for me to look into the mirror and not see myself as broken.

A way to live a different life and be at peace with every.single.part of me.

Six months ago I felt called to help women step out of their cycle of shame, quit alcohol and feel beautiful inside and outside. Writing my book is just the beginning. I want to do so much more.

I’m looking for four women who are ready to drop the shame. Quit their numbing practices and stop drowning their shame with more shame. Let their true beauty be seen.

Deciding to quit is a big step in itself, but the most difficult part is what  follows. That’s when shit happens. Old wounds resurface. You find yourself face to face with your demons, and you’ve got nowhere to run.

It can be pretty scary, and easy to fall back into the old habits. That’s why I want to be there for you.

There are two spots for my programme starting next week, that I want to offer at 50% off. 

It’s spread over 8 weeks, during which we will have one weekly one-hour call.


Each session will be recorded and you will receive the link to download the recordings and keep them for as long as mp3’s will be a readable format!

On top of that, you will receive new content by email every Wednesday. It can be video or audio, together with worksheets and exercises for the week, and other bonus material depending on the week/topic.

I’m offering this online programme at about 50 percent off to two people this week so I can beta test it and offer it full price once my book is out.

The first two people who sign up will get this.

Since I’m being completely honest, the program is not perfect. We will all be working together to make it a life-changing experience, starting with YOU.

If you know you are ready to wake up and feel great about stepping outside instead of wanting to hide your face forever, let’s talk.

This is so important. I’ve been there and even though years have passed, I still find it hard to talk about.

Please share this if there is someone you know who needs this. It’s not always easy to open up. There is so much shame involved, so many scary labels attached to speaking up. If making an introduction to me is easier I would love to reach out to them.

No one needs to do this on their own. Let’s talk.

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