Words cannot do justice to this powerful and life-changing session. The reConnection session is a mix between a trip back in the past to reconnect loose wires, establishing contact with the source of your decisions, healing past traumas you didn’t even consider as such, in the most loving conditions.

I was introduced to this technique by my coaching colleague Alexandra Gartner. No need to say, I was blown away! I was amazed at how one single session could have such a life-changing impact! In fact, here’s the testimonial I wrote for her:

“My coaching session with Alexandra was absolutely mind-blowing. I have been in therapy for a year now, and never have I had such enlightening experience. The inner child work we did was so helpful. It really shed light and warmth where darkness and cold were. I’m really grateful because I’ve felt more complete since, more in touch with myself. Of course, there are still things to work on, but I feel this session was a huge leap forward.”

Meet your Inner Child and take the first step towards healing her for life. The session lasts about 60 minutes, via Skype and will definitely stir an amount of Love that will empower your Inner Child and change your life for ever.

What people say about reConnection

I didn’t know what to expect at all as it was the third of a package of sessions. It came at the perfect time as we had spent the first two just letting things come out and getting me used to looking inside myself and letting emotions rise to the surface. It was a revelation. People talk a lot about reconnecting with themselves but this is the real deal. I have found a safe place inside of me that I can go to whenever I want and chat to young me, hug her, reassure her and tell her about all the great things that she’s going to accomplish. It shows you your past is never really your past and bring new meaning to being “the sum of all your experiences”. A cathartic but yet gentle experience. I even found myself doing it on the train this morning! I cannot recommend enough.

Wendy, United Kingdom

I’m so grateful for the session I just had with Annick yesterday. She had already said a few words about this guided meditation several months ago. At that time, I thought “oh I’ve already done this, getting to know my inner child and reparenting her etc.” But yesterday, it seemed like the Universe showed me it was time to dive in ! What I experienced with Annick was a totally different encounter. She guided me, step by step and I felt I really met this little me, and most important she met me and felt so relieved that she’s not alone ! I don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I say these 45 minutes changed my life ! I would definitely recommend and I myself will do it again.”

Dancin’, Mauritius.

Don't wait for another minute! Unleash a brand new lovingly empowered YOU!

Your Life will never be the same again. Learn this life-changing technique that you will be able to use anytime you desire. Let Love reConnect you to your Self.

Your investment: $ 125