Don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what people who’ve worked with me say about their experience.

Masterful, divine, beautiful.

Rock it like Jessica!


For all of you beauties out there with a book in your brain, just so that you know, I hired Annick as my Book Doula and she worked her magic and still is!


With her help, guidance, and accountability, I completed my first draft in 3 months alongside my other responsibilities: clients, own programs/marketing, home repairs/renovations, family and 2 close family deaths including 2 international flights… I’m not as quick as she was, but I feel I am where I need to be and that’s all that counts!


I’m now in the 2nd editing phase. I’ve received my developmental edit and I have a lot more work ahead of me, but it was Annick’s mail this morning that inspired me to continue! I felt so shitty, I really did and I was going to put it down for a few weeks/months, but she’s right, my book needs to be read, I have to get through this! I have to improve my manuscript and I’ll be damned if I don’t! I never give up, so why start now, right?


She reminds me all the time that my book needs to be read and that it will inspire children – and maybe even a few adults – along the way… That’s my goal and I hope to reach it someday! Even if I just inspire one child, my work is done!


So, if you know you were meant to write a book, then just do it! Schedule the time and join other aspiring authors on this journey. You got this! Enjoy the process, it sure is amazing!

Who do you want to write for?


When I set out to write my book, my biggest challenge was clearly defining my audience…


I’d been going in circles about this for months. I had one idea that I’d been working on, but was beginning to doubt it, or at least not know how to go forward. It was horribly frustrating and got the whole thing at a stand-still.

I just couldn’t figure out what to do, but I didn’t know who to talk to about it. (And it was much easier to procrastinate on the project than to do the hard work of pushing through this block.)


And then, Annick happened!


I love how she validated not only my book idea but my thoughts on my audience. And then she took it to a whole new level!

I was surprised at how much she pushed me, and I loved it. She played Devil’s Advocate and forced me to answer tough questions on the spot,which helped me get laser-clarity immediately. This is to say nothing of the amazing gift of knowing my truly audience, for the first time! This is GOLD.

Not only did I finally decide on my reader, Annick showed me who my reader is in this whole other beautiful dimension I had never thought of before. It feels like everything just clicked at that point.


I finally got the big cosmic “Go” sign from the Universe! And now it feels like I can flow forward in the most delightful way — which is a huge change from how heavy my writing process had become. Now there’s a lightness and joy that hasn’t been there before. I’m thrilled!

With a punch!

Amanda –