Life Coaching

Are you THAT woman?

A woman who’s longing for connection, craving for that sense of inner peace and profound love everyday. She wants to cut the ties of her past that are holding her back, tainting her present.. and future. She wants to feel free. She wants to experience that freedom of the soul, be able to laugh and feel life with joy everyday. She wants to be here. Today. Happy. Supported. Loved. Feeling grateful and blessed. TODAY.

She knows she can, but she would love someone to guide her. Someone to be there for her. To hold the bicycle as she tries her first times as a two-wheeler, to run next to her, to watch her from far, to clap and jump from joy with every small victory, and to give her a hand if she falls. She knows she can do it, and she’s READY.

She wants to feel the goodness of LIFE and I want to be the person to walk with her on that path.


I’m raw and honest, loving and curious, funny and sometimes weird. I’m a Gemini and I’m always coming up with new stuff.

I’ve also got a nose for beauty: the one that’s hidden inside of you, the one that’s hidden under the pile of “lemons” life’s thrown your way. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those annoying people who will always tell you to see the bright side of things. No.

When the bright side is hard to make out, it’s because it is still in the making. I will sit down and hold your hand until the bright side is ready and together we will go get it. 

I will speak to your Inner Self. And I will help you bring it to the surface. I will help you bring your most beautiful you from under all the weight that’s been accumulated on top of her, out of her hiding place, and let her finally BREATHE… and shine…

It isn’t always easy, because sometimes between you and her lies a 100ft wall, but that’s OK. I will roll up my sleeves (and yours!) and together we will break that wall. It might have taken a lifetime (and generations!) to build it, but together we can do this.

We’ll get you back home. We’ll redesign your YOUniverse. I’ll give you a hand, a we’ll make it the best place ever. A place where you will feel safe and protected enough to be yourself, to connect with your Inner Self and be unapologetically and authentically YOU. Because once you do that, miracles will be waiting for you right around the corner…

And how does that happen?

I’ve got a whole bag full of tricks. Meditation, breathing exercises, EFT, teachings from my mentors, teachings from my own life experience, oracle wisdom, books, videos, and of course, my unique analogies! I let my intuition guide me to deliver what you need when you need it.

I open up space for you to rekindle your connection with your Self, and experience that amazing energy that is part and parcel of your everyday life working with and for you 24/7.

How that happens in concrete terms all depends on where you’re at right now. You can browse through my most popular offers below, or we could just have a chat and see what would best suit you right now! Actually, yes, let’s do that! Book a FREE discovery session and let’s have a chat, just you and me!

Rise and Fly

Have you ever wished you could revamp your life, give it an extra bit of sparkles, a swirl of genuinely happy laughter, and the sweet embrace of Love? Yes? Then, this is exactly where you need to be. Give me eight weeks, and together, we’ll give your life a makeover.


Words cannot do justice to this powerful and life-changing session. The reConnection session is a mix between a trip back in the past to reconnect loose wires, establishing contact with the source of your decisions, healing past traumas you didn’t even consider as such, in the most loving conditions.

EFT - Tapping

Have you ever heard of EFT before? The Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, is a crossbreed between alternative and traditional medicine, or more precisely, acupressure, neuroscience and a dash of positive psychology. Use it to get immediate results and help reprogramme your brain, healing physical pain, emotional stress, weight issues and money blocks.

YOUnique Packages

Because you are unique, and so are your needs and desires, let’s work on putting together something especially for YOU! Heal the blocks that are holding you back, get a 360° vision of yours gifts and organically step into your most fulfilling life.

Not sure what's best for you?

Not sure which option to choose? Wanna have a made to measure package? No problem! Click here and book a complimentary session and let’s talk about it!