Inspiration doesn't knock twice

Inspiration doesn’t knock twice

Today I allowed myself a day off.. kind of… I called the office and asked if I could shift my last day to Friday, because today I had important stuff to take care of at home…. (and by that, I meant MYSELF )
I woke up, or should I say, was woken up by inspiration banging on my brain’s door … It was 5 am. […]

Authentically Yours – Interview #6 Kristen Schwartz

Fear and Pain. Two words we don’t want to be anywhere near, and yet… That is exactly how you get to the other side. Watch and find out how Kristen’s own story served as a learning playground for her and got her to finally unite her traditional qualifications and her spiritual experience.

Let it out!

– It’s 11:04 am and I’m finally getting out of bed. For a minute a voice at the back of my head suggests that I should be ashamed: There are people who have gotten out of bed to go to work 4 hours ago! Yes. True. But I didn’t. Because I chose not to. Just […]

Authentically Yours – Interview #4 Jenna Yamasaki

In this week’s episode, Jenna Yamasaki explains how we can bring more abundance into our lives by changing our perspective. We talk about the Money Archetypes, and the different perceptions we have about money and how they impact our lives, because yes, the way we “do” money is the way we do everything.

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything…

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything… – My dear friend, – I sometimes happen to be hit by inspiration in the weirdest places or times. Today as I was climbing up the stairs to my apartment in Vienna (enough of them to have the time to come up with […]

Authentically Yours – Interview #3 Monica Geboiu

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend about her issues with her partner. Her sex life was synonimous of lack, rejection, arguments, and lots of not so good things. That reminded me of those years I spent in an almost sexless relationship. In this episode, Monica Geboiu and I share our own personal experiences and how we dealt with it.

And forward we go!!!

Finally moving forward again!!! – You are part of a very very complicated experiment at the moment: Will I be able to write my Newsbits in 31 mins and still deliver something good? LOL I typed “gooF” instead of good.. I think that was the Universe giving me my answer, like a “Pff, don’t even bother, kid..” but guess […]

Mercury is a d*ck !

Mercury is a d*ck! – This week’s been such an adventure! LOL. Travelling during Mercury Retrograde can make your life seem like a slapstick comedy movie! My train had a technical problem and had like 157 stops during the first hours of the trip. As a result, we actually got to Vienna THREE hours late!!! LOL. […]

Time for new adventures

Tonight I will be on my way to Austria for a new adventure, and I can tell you, I feel like a pressure cooker right now. Because of the move happening today, I held back from starting the week as I’d normally do, because I didn’t want to have to disrupt my work flow after one day and lose momentum. Arrgghh.. The thing is, I can feel the energy build up[…]

The ONE thing I want you to know

My beautiful friend, I’m sorry you didn’t hear from me last week, but I was completely K.O. Blame it on the Mercury retrograde, or the solar eclipse, but I was just OFF. Thank God things got better and I managed to get a few things done on Saturday, and this week’s been quite productive as […]

She’s alive!!! ALIIIIIVE!!!!!!!

Oh my dearest friend, Today I will start my Newsbits with some wonderful amazing fantabulous great news: As you can see from the picture, my fitbit is alive! She’s ALIIIIVE!!!!Yes!!!! Thank you for your prayers! After spending three days in Rice Intensive Care Unit, she finally woke up from her long sleep on Wednesday! Yayyyy!!! (Not sure […]

I got too chilled out…

Oh my dear friend, Just one hour ago, I was in my bath, all relaxed, and mentally typing my draft for this email. Life was so wonderful, I was basking in love vibes and absolutely loving it when suddenly… SH*T! NO!! NOOOO!! NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes… I had forgotten to […]

Sometimes you need to stray…

My dearest, Here’s what happened. This week, I’ve decided to stop. To pause, take a step back and listen. When I started B-school at the beginning of the year, I had clear ideas about what I wanted. But somewhere along the way, I strayed, and got lost. – And then, these past few weeks, I […]

Reach for the Stars

  Hello dear friend, As the night of the shooting stars (aka the night of San Lorenzo) is approaching, I thought I’d share something about the magic of the Universe… – Recently, I was on a thread discussing how sometimes we choose fancy titles because we’re just scared to own the fact that we’re (SPIRITUAL) LIFE COACHES, when […]


My dearest friend!! How are you??? And this is NOT a rhetorical question, I’d actually love it if you hit the comment button and actually answered that question! What’s going on in your life? Any highs? Any lows? I’d love to know! On my end, there’s been a LOT of stuff happening since my last […]