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Forget the traditional business coaching!

Do business with passion, heart and soul, not just numbers and strategies. Reconnect with your Self and let your business reflect who you are and what you desire.

I have set up 3 businesses from scratch so far and in all three of them, my creativity and resourcefulness, my problem-solving skills and eye for innovation and/or disruption, have always made me stand out from the crowd.


I am profoundly weird, and yet, weirdly profound, thus making our experience together an absolute one-of-a-kind, transformational one.


If I am now running a location-free business and travelling around the world, that’s because I have surrounded myself with people who were not afraid to believe in their dreams and take action. (As the saying goes, you are the five people you spend the most time with.)


I have spent time (and a lot of money!) to learn from the best, and I constantly make sure that my network is always inspiring me to be the best version of myself.


Let me be one of your five people.


I believe in dreaming big. I believe in taking risks. I believe in you, and I believe in you achieving this.

Let me be the voice that will plant new seeds in your head, whisper new ideas in your ears, and be there by your side as you turn it into reality.


Let me see what your eyes can’t see, and what your mind doesn’t know it doesn’t know yet.

Let me walk with you toward your dream, so that in a few years when you to look back, you will think: “I’m so glad I did this. Thank you, Annick.”

(Psst. You’re welcome! 🙂 )

I'm a Gemini and I LOVE doing things differently

What's it like to work with me?

“I’ve done soooo much this week, I’m on fire! I’ve got so much to tell you! I’ve been focusing on my products, I’m testing them and getting loads of feedback, my website is being revamped behind the scenes. I’ve got loaaaads to report! I’m loving this business creation side of things. Thank you so much, you’re a real angel in my life. When I look back it’ll be like ‘Wow, THIS was the moment!’, so thank you, really.” – Lisa Magdalena,



“So that meeting was pure genius. YOU are pure genius. I feel so so good!!! I get it now! I see who my [ideal client] is, after years of not knowing. This is a really, really, ridiculously important service you offer. Helping authors understand who they’re writing for — in other words, helping a book find its audience — and helping authors write to that person could be a fabulous niche for you. Do you market this specifically? Because it is GOLD, my friend.” – Linsday Maxfield,



“Annick, I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times, but let’s just make that a gazillion and one. You are an angel, thank you for our conversation. Thank you for being there for me!” – Jessica Lohmann,



“I was recently in a business cul-de-sac. I could not put my finger on how to price my new workshop. It wasn’t for lack of effort. I went to great lengths over it but for whatever reason, I was stuck!

When I started talking to Annick about it, she had me pointed out of the cul-de-sac in no time. Straight talking, straight shooter, cut the shit, raw truth style. But in Annick’s friendliest mermaid way.

If you need something that’s not a big commitment, just some quick help to iron out a wrinkle, definitely do this session. Annick is truly gifted.” – Jessica Sunshine Christian –


“Annick is a fabulous coach who helped me tremendously during a very vulnerable time in my business. I was involved in two “failures” or “setbacks,” that totally stressed me out, and were heartbreaking, actually, to someone trying to make their business dream come true. 
I felt she always knew what to do, she was always five steps ahead of me business-wise and otherwise.
She helped me get through both stressful situations. She totally understood what I was going through, and everything she said made it better. She said that the “failures” weren’t failures but was the universe testing me to see if I really wanted to continue on with my business – the universe wanted to see if I wanted it bad enough. That got me through some tough weeks, and even though I was angry and stressed about my setbacks, I knew she was right, and I kept going forward.
I now see both setbacks as gifts, which have propelled me further than I would have believed. It just turned out that both were major teaching lessons that helped my business move ahead faster. They weren’t setbacks, as I had initially thought.
I suppose I could have gotten through both situations without having her as my coach, but having her to bounce my problems off helped keep me sane and helped me move through it quicker – the support meant the world. I don’t know who else in my life would have understood or had solutions, like Annick did, for what I was going through.” – Joan Lee, New York (name changed upon client request to protect privacy!)

Inspired and aligned action


Because the whole point of you having a business and being an entrepreneur is that you can be yourself, bring value to the world and make money by doing something that you love, we are going to check regularly that you are taking inspired and aligned action rather than just doing things because “you have to” or because “everyone else is doing it”.

No one else can do the things that you do the way that you do.

Let’s be clear on one thing: you are uniqueSo let’s work on bringing your uniqueness to the world through a business that feels like YOU (and make you some money!).


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