Annick Ina

Yes, it is time now...

How long will you keep putting it off? You know you have a book inside of you.
It’s been there waiting for “the right time” and guess what? That time is now!


Have been wanting to write a book forever BUT…


… you don’t know where to start…


… or even how?


… you feel like you don’t have enough to fill a whole book


… you don’t know anything about book writing and it just feels like a whole big project that takes ages and a GINORMOUS amount of time and dedication (and you’re not sure you want to get into that!)


This is for YOU!

Your past experiences made you who you are today.
Honour your journey by sharing it and transform the lives of those who are on a similar path.



It’s time.


Celebrate your past and open up to the future as a transformed version of you.


In fact, right on the other end of the writing experience, a new, upgraded, version of you is there waiting for you.


Becoming a published author, gaining credibility and also visibility, will add a new depth to your relationships, business, and life, in general.


So many people that talk about writing a book, but do you know how many actually DO it?
Whether you go for the former or the latter is your decision.


Dreaming is mind-expanding, but taking steps towards your dreams is LIFE-EXPANDING.


Of course, writing a book can feel overwhelming – in fact, that’s the reason why people keep putting it off – but what’s on the other side of that is ABSOLUTELY. WORTH. IT.


And guess what…


You don’t have to do it alone…


Book an intensive Book Planning day and together: 


 we will explore your idea and laser in on your message, who will be impacted by it, how and why. Getting clear on this is the foundation to writing a book that changes lives.


✨ we will draft a loose outline and a plan that could get you to FINISH YOUR DRAFT WITHIN 90 DAYS or whenever you want your date to be! 


 we’ll explore the different writing processes and find what could work for YOUbecause we’re all different and dance with inspiration in our very own personal way. Keeping that in mind is what will bring in FLOW to your writing process.


 select the right tech tools that will add EASE to your writing process (who wouldn’t want that?!)


Even better than planned! – Safiya’s story

What a phenomenal offering!!

It totally exceeded every expectation I had!!!(and they were seriously high). I have never felt more ready to write the book. So many aha’s, ideas, not even sure how to call them. There are no words I can use to describe how fantastic this was for me finding clarity and “stepping through the portal” to tell my story.”


Safiya and I crossed path “by chance” on February 1st this year and I knew right from the beginning that there was no “by chance” factor at all involved when I used the word “coincidence” on our first call and immediately she reminded me that “there are no coincidences!” Ha! I’m the one who usually reminds that to everyone!


Safiya’s a full-time dentist, so she set her goal to write 2,000 words per week, usually on Wednesdays (her day off), and Sundays. She initially wanted to start on April 1st when she’d have more time to write, but ended up taking the leap and starting on March 3rd. She was too excited and didn’t want to lose momentum. 


She started straight away, and the first weeks went pretty well. 


But then, on April 15th, Safiya sent me this: “I have officially finished. the. first. draft!! Could NOT have done it without you!!!!”


I really believe that we experience as much magic as we make space for. Your book is part of the Magic waiting to change your life. Make it happen. All you have to do is say YES and the next step will show up.

It's time...

Let’s get together, unpack and explore your book idea, your message and your purpose and find out whether 2019 could be the year you get to start and finish your book with EASE and FLOW.


Say YES to going BIG.

Ps. Need a payment plan? Let’s talk about it!

CLARITY & AHAs – Lindsay’s story

When I set out to write my book, my biggest challenge was clearly defining my audience…


I’d been going in circles about this for months. I had one idea that I’d been working on, but was beginning to doubt it, or at least not know how to go forward. It was horribly frustrating and got the whole thing at a stand-still.


I just couldn’t figure out what to do, but I didn’t know who to talk to about it. (And it was much easier to procrastinate on the project than to do the hard work of pushing through this block.)


And then, Annick happened!


I love how she validated not only my book idea but my thoughts on my audience. And then she took it to a whole new level!


I was surprised at how much she pushed me, and I loved it. She played Devil’s Advocate and forced me to answer tough questions on the spot,which helped me get laser-clarity immediately. This is to say nothing of the amazing gift of knowing my truly audience, for the first time! This is GOLD.


Not only did I finally decide on my reader, Annick showed me who my reader is in this whole other beautiful dimension I had never thought of before. It feels like everything just clicked at that point.


I finally got the big cosmic “Go” sign from the Universe! And now it feels like I can flow forward in the most delightful way — which is a huge change from how heavy my writing process had become. Now there’s a lightness and joy that hasn’t been there before. I’m thrilled!