Welcome, Superstar!


Annick Ina


Hi, my name is Annick Ina, author of Soul Superstar and I’m the person who could change your life.


Yep. That’s what I do.


I’m also a Gemini, a life path 7, curious and always seeking to learn.


As an empath, I have a natural gift to teach and motivate.


In fact, I actually started my career as a language teacher for professionals.


In the decade and a half that followed, I’ve moved countries four times, owned and run multiple high-end retail shops, started my own business as a life and business coach, and finally decided to unite all my skills under my Book Doula business, helping aspiring authors write, publish and promote books that change lives, without overwhelm.


I’m here to be your guide, your transformational (writing) coach, your business consultant, your project manager, your confidant and your visionary friend.


I see what you don’t see. And I help you make it happen.


It’s not about changing who you are.


It’s about getting rid of who you’re NOT, and that’s what I’m all about.




And I can help you make the most of who YOU ARE, by making the most of who I AM.


How? My Strengthsfinder results will give you an idea:

Your. time. is. PRECIOUS.


You are here to do great things. Your story, your lessons, your expertise, that’s your zone of genius. That’s what you do best and would best spend your time on.


Why spend hours of your (limited) precious time on Google search, YouTube tutorials, endless blog posts (which often leads to overwhelm) when you could be doing what you do best, gliding through your next moves feeling supported, grounded and confident?


Imagine having a roadmap… Someone with a whole team to guide you to your big goal #badass style!


Wouldn’t that feel good? All you have to do is say YES.


Dare to challenge your status quo today. Take that first step NOW. Let’s talk.

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