Full Moon Blessings and Rituals

Each month, Full Moon blesses us with her Majesty.   This is the perfect opportunity to hand her over anything you desire to let go of and release anything that is standing in the way, holding you back from, distracting you from living your purpose in the most bountiful and joyful way, surrounded by love [...]

My #1 Rule To Avoid Failure

A while ago, I joined Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year programme. It literally transformed my business, and in those 90 DAYS I made 150% what I’d made the previous YEAR.   But...   Six months later, as the second quarter was coming to an end, I’d been reflecting a lot. Over the past months, I’d [...]

Letting Go of Where I “Should” Be

Are you where you thought you’d be at this point in your life?   I’ve always thought that by the age of 35 I would have “settled down”, and yet, just a few months in, I couldn’t be less settled.   Single, yet legally married. Single, yet sharing magical moments with a special soul I […]

Say Goodbye to Monday Blues in 5 Steps

From Tiresome to Awesome!   Ever get that feeling, when your alarm clock rings on Monday and your heart sinks as you realise the weekend’s over and it’s time to go back to work? Some people even experience that on Sunday mornings as they start dreading the new week ahead…   One very common cause […]

Honour Who You Are TODAY

Everything is just as it should be. And that includes YOU.   Honour who you are today. Your flaws, your unhealed wounds, your mindset, and whatever stuff you feel you need to change to finally be happy/successful.   You are everything you need to be TODAY. ❤   Do you believe that? Because it’s easy [...]