What are YOU Celebrating Today?

My Dearest, when was the last time you took a break and celebrated yourself? When was the last time that you acknowledged and celebrated what you've accomplished over the past week, month, year? When was the last time that you celebrated being one step ahead of your last one? Or even behind. Cause sometimes we [...]

Shampooing in the Rain…

A BUSINESS LESSON FROM MY SHOWER... I was having a shower today, when there was a power cut (and therefore a cut in the water supply as well), right as my hair was full of shampoo foam. These power cuts can last up to an hour or so. I wasn't gonna let shampoo sit on [...]

I CAN Speak

I have a yearning inside of me. A powerful yearning to shout to the world what I have inside of me. A visceral need to vomit those poisons that keep burning my insides.   I CAN speak.   But in my mind I have so many reasons not to:   ‚ÄúThis is my own healing, [...]

I Wrote a Letter to the Universe.

It was 9.30pm on a Friday night. The week had been a weird one.   Workwise, it didn't feel like I had gotten much done.   Just this Monday, as I was attempting to write, I heard a voice tell me to go out in Nature and tell her my dreams. So I did.   [...]

Breaking the Cycle of Busy

  For so many years I have tried to DO things, go for what I should do, what would be expected, rather than what I really wanted, what would feel good. And this DOING would often take over All. The. Space. leaving none left for my Self to BE.   These past weeks I've worked [...]

The Universe is Dying to Help You.

  An open letter to the dreamers...   You've been wanting to do it. Dying to do it. Dreaming of doing it. For YEARS. And yet, after all this time, you are still stuck in exactly THE. SAME. PLACE. If you want something, take action. It doesn't have to be some big ass dramatic action. [...]