My dear human vessel of Love

After yesterday’s Facebook Live video (that I DID consider taking down from the fear of having shared too much...), I’m sharing an excerpt from my book, Soul Superstar: Stories from My Sober Heart. Because you all deserve to hear this. These are the words written by my "Soul Superstar", my guardian angel, as you may [...]

No, I wasn’t smiling…

No, I wasn’t smiling… To all those looking at my pictures thinking my life is all laughter, Colgate smiles and fun, here’s something I’d like you to know: quitting my #1 numbing practice (alcohol) has made me an EXPERT when it comes to sitting with ugly feelings.   At the beginning, I still had a couple [...]

On Being Sensitive…

(originally published on When I was writing my book and people asked me what it was about, my first reaction was always that it’s my story. For those who’ve known me since I was little, I’m pretty sure they wonder “What story?” For those who haven’t, I bet they expect some dramatic and traumatic tale. […]

I can. I did. I will. Are you with me?

(originally published on Facebook)   About two years ago, when I quit alcohol, I also made changes to my diet and tried to have a healthy diet, low in carbs, sugar and dairies, due to slight intolerances that I have. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a while I started getting used to it. […]

Listen to your Inner Monster….

(originally published on Facebook)   About the “monster” inside of us, the voice that wants to drink..   Not listening to that voice helps, but.. one thing I’ve learned is that whatever you are trying to not look at/listen to, will not let go. It will stay there and right when it sees an opportunity, […]

You want the real truth? Here it is…

Originally posted on Facebook on August 12, 2017   You want the real truth? Here it is…   I've been in a funk these past two days. I’ve found myself getting emotional and breaking into tears for reasons I'm not able to put my finger on.   And you know what? This is what being fully [...]


Originally posted on Facebook on July 3, 2017   The other day I heard someone say: “I think it’s unhealthy NOT to drink or smoke. How are you going to let your “stuff” out?”   I wanted to say something, but a) I didn’t know where to start, and b) I didn’t want to waste my [...]
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The lesson I was NOT expecting from becoming a Desire Map Facilitator

Originally posted on Facebook on July 19, 2017   This is a typical example of that famous quote: “Sometimes we need to get lost to find our way”.   At the beginning of the year, I became an official Desire Map facilitator. I love Danielle LaPorte, and her books have been with me in significant times [...]

I used to think there was something wrong with me

I used to think there was something wrong with me. But once I dropped the Shame that alcohol used to copiously feed, I started feeling comfortable with being ME.   When I quit alcohol, I learned how to BE at all times. And I slowly made this the only way to be.   I learned [...]