She’s alive!!! ALIIIIIVE!!!!!!!

Oh my dearest friend, Today I will start my Newsbits with some wonderful amazing fantabulous great news: As you can see from the picture, my fitbit is alive! She’s ALIIIIVE!!!!Yes!!!! Thank you for your prayers! After spending three days in Rice Intensive Care Unit, she finally woke up from her long sleep on Wednesday! Yayyyy!!! (Not sure […]

I got too chilled out…

Oh my dear friend, Just one hour ago, I was in my bath, all relaxed, and mentally typing my draft for this email. Life was so wonderful, I was basking in love vibes and absolutely loving it when suddenly… SH*T! NO!! NOOOO!! NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes… I had forgotten to […]

Sometimes you need to stray…

My dearest, Here’s what happened. This week, I’ve decided to stop. To pause, take a step back and listen. When I started B-school at the beginning of the year, I had clear ideas about what I wanted. But somewhere along the way, I strayed, and got lost. – And then, these past few weeks, I […]

Reach for the Stars

  Hello dear friend, As the night of the shooting stars (aka the night of San Lorenzo) is approaching, I thought I’d share something about the magic of the Universe… – Recently, I was on a thread discussing how sometimes we choose fancy titles because we’re just scared to own the fact that we’re (SPIRITUAL) LIFE COACHES, when […]