Lessons Learned from Leo the Dead Scorpion

Spending a few months with (at least!) two scorpions in my house has taught me way more than I thought it would. Life sometimes has funny ways of delivering lessons! In this video I talk about how my experience has brought a new light on the way we could deal with our fears in a […]

Try that cauliflower crust pizza!

Boy, that cauliflower crust pizza did surprise me! I had read about people saying it was good, but I thought: “Cauliflower crust? Nah… can’t be!!” … Well, after today’s lunch, I have to admit it: “Totally can be!!!”. My cauliflower crust pizza was not just “good”, it was actually DELICIOUS!!! And if you’re worried it […]

The truth about your body

What if I told you that there’s a high probability that you’ve got things wrong regarding your body? In a world where technology and knowledge run hand in hand, we’d think we know everything, or at least, we think we know what we should know, but it’s not always like that. Science has made so […]

The magic words to unlock miracles

We’ve all made decisions to change at some point, to introduce new habits in our lives, be it going to the gym more regularly, having a healthier diet, quitting an addiction, being a better person. What we often forget though, is that before we set out to make change happen, we need to make room […]